20+ Trendy Nail Art Designs for 2021 That Will Fascinate Everyone

It is high time you buckle up your seat belts because we have one of the best nail art designs that will surely fascinate not only you but also everyone. We have put together all the latest nail art designs that have been trending on your feed right here in this post. You can call or visit your favorite nail artist because it is time to get your nails done RIGHT!

Oh yes, you might want to save some of the designs because they are way cute to let them go. We have designs for both short and long nails so do not be left behind.

#1. Modern Candy Canes

This abstract, classic style design is one of the designs that is trending this season. The lines or the curves do not really have to be so perfect, so do not worry when you become a little tipsy. Do not forget the bead details because they add some definition to this design.

@instagram valentinobeautypure

#2. Shine

Believe it or not, shimmer and shine is all you need for a glammed look for your nails. Nude nail polishes work similarly with colorful ones. Just do not forget adding some shine to your nails because this is what makes your nails to be fascinating.

@instagram nailsliving

#3. Cute Patterns

The same way clothing brands these days are trying their level best to come up with ideas of unique patterns for their clothes is the same trend that is being used to come up with outstanding patterns for nails. If you are looking forward to trying new patterns, this is one of the easiest that you can try out at home.

@instagram valentinobeautypure

#4. Gold and Marbles

We loved the look on nails when some touch of glitter on them were added. All you need for the glittery look is just some glitter nail polishes and some small gorgeous diamonds for beautiful detailing.

@instagram nailsliving

#5. Yellow Butterfly

Sometimes we may run short of ideas when it comes to decorating our nails after applying our favorite nail polish. Little may seem underrated but the end result is amazing. You can choose to add stickers of your favorite design and color.

@instagram nailsliving

#6. Iconic Lines

This season, nail artists have become more creative not because they try to come up with delicate nail designs but because they are playing minimal on the colors of the nail polishes they use to come with a clean finish.

@instagram nailsliving

#7. Flowery Chic

You might not be the greatest artist of them all, but drawing simple designs like this one of cute leaves on your already perfectly polished nails would be a walk in the park. You can paint different nail polishes on your nails but for the drawing, use a black color.

@instagram nailsrnd

#8. Pink Love

You do not have to say all that you are feeling inside, you just need to show them how you feel. The simplest way to do this is to use your beautiful nails. It does not have to be red, but pink can also be ridiculously warm. You can have hearty designs on your nails and this is how you can go about it. On your white nail polish, use pink or a shade of pink to draw the heart designs.

@instagram nailsrnd

#9. Classic Nude

This stunning nail design is the absolute choice for those who love their nails looking simple and perfect. Gold or silvery foils can do the job for you perfectly. You can cut out the designs carefully as per your wish and just stick them on the polished nails.

@instagram nailsrnd

#10. Unique Black

We chose look for those who are lovers of black. Painting black on your nails may look sort of bare but adding shine with silvery shine nail polishes would be great.

@instagram nailsrnd

#11. Perfectly Awesome

This gorgeous design is one of the designs that are chosen by folks who are new to nail art. This look is so simple to execute as it takes little time and the designs are not complicated.

@instagram nailsrnd

#12. Bubbly Blue

If you are tired of having the same old nude colors on your nails, try going for popping colors like this cute bubbly blue. Use the blue nail polish to create the v-shaped design on your nails.

@instagram darleennee_nails

#13. Color Pops

Feeling under the weather is normal sometimes but you can treat this feeling with pretty colors. You can use bright colored nail polishes and making different shapes especially those of round would give this adorable look on your nails.

@instagram nails.bab

#14. Nature Love

You might be thinking of rocking only one beautiful color but there may be a variety of colors to choose from. That is why we chose green. You can show some love with a green nail polish but to finish the look, draw a cute love art on your nails and this would be perfectly executed.

@instagram darleennee_nails

#15. Classy White

Do not worry because your nails can still look classy with a white nail polish. With nude colors as your preferred base colors, just opt for white for the finishing layer and your nails would be attracting attention.

@instagram darleennee_nails

#16. Beauty Queen

Looking and feeling like a queen can easily be expressed on your nails. For the awesome design, draw pretty heart shapes and crowns on your nails and then fill the hearts with glitters of your choice.

@instagram nailsrnd

#17. Unusual Classy

You may fear having to trying out this design but you have to believe us when we say that this is the most fascinating look this season. This would blend in so perfectly with all your “weird colored” clothes. Paint a colorless nail polish on your already manicured nails and black and white colors for the stripes.

@instagram opi

#18. Cute Hearts

This is one of the simplest nail designs that you can think of. This would not last you more than a minute because the love patterns do not have to be specifically positioned and that is where the beauty of these nails comes in.

@instagram opi

19. See-through

Thinking of completely new designs for your nails can be a full time job. That does not have to happen when you have colorless acrylic nails. You can paint other nails with a white nail polish but for the colorless ones, use the white nail polish to make the white flowers and then add some shiny beads on them.

@instagram darleennee_nails

20. Colorful Swirls

We are aware that most women try to save up for the money they would use on getting their nails done. That is why we chose this look that is super classy. It is not as complicated as you think, because you only need a toothpick to get this cool look. Once you put drops of blue, green and black nail polishes on top of the white nail polish, you just need to swirl the polishes with the toothpick.

@instagram nailsrnd

Try out these nail designs and see how fascinating they will look.

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