21+ Ridiculously Cool Ugly Sweater Outfit That Will Blow Your Mind

Oh! Once again ugly sweaters. You know what I am talking about, you have seen it several times in winters. Yes! A wooly pullover, the one with different shades of red, white and green, perfect colors to complement the Christmas inspired snowman, reindeer or candy canes designed on the sweater. The ugly sweater has now become an essential part of the Holidays but have you ever wondered where this ugly sweater idea came from and how it became part and parcel of the Holidays trend?

A brief history of Ugly sweaters

It all started in the 50’s with the mass commercialization of Christmas. They were first recognized as “Jingle Bell Sweaters” and they were never intended to be “ugly” but actually pretty fun and artistic. In the 2010’s, the Christmas sweater collections found their way when fashion designers made them based on the ugly ones. With the huge impact of social impact on these sweaters, this fashion has now been recognized globally. Now we even have our national Ugly Christmas Sweater Day celebrated yearly on December 21.

Because you are in the right place, let us now hope into discovering a variety of Ridiculously Cool Sweater Ideas That Will Blow Your Mind.

#1. The Fierce-yarn ugly sweater

This ugly sweater is quite fun and easy to make when you have lots of yarn in the house and probably you do not use them more often. With thick strands of yarn you can actually achieve this look.

@instagram ugly.christmas

#2. The Cute couple ugly sweater

All you need is just teamwork and the end result would be the perfect embroidery achieved from using fun and colorful cotton balls and cute customized hands for your ugly sweater.

@instagram keepingupwiththefashions

#3. The Polar bear ugly sweater

A cute customized polar bear and your favorite sweater would just be enough to come up with this cute look for an ugly sweater.

@instagram house_brand

#4. The Ho-Ho-Ho Elf ugly sweater

If you are feeling more “elfy”, achieve this look by using just a few buttons together with some colorful, horizontally stripped customized legs to match with your ugly sweater.

@instagram cassy_brule

#5. The Christmas tree ugly sweater

Pick a cute reindeer of your choice and then all you need is to just sew it on your already customized Christmas tree.

@instagram redbrickfauxfarmhouse

#6. The Lazy ugly sweater

If you have run out of ideas of making the perfect ugly sweater, cute colorful balls would just be enough to solve your problem.

@instagram cassy_brule

#7. The Big belly button ugly sweater

Customize the big oval eyes, you can use any equipment you have to make them look better. Finish the look with a big red nose that would be mistaken for a big belly button.

@instagram honestlymommy

#8. The Wine holder ugly sweater

If you think wine would be the perfect gift for the day for your loved one, try making this cute wine holder.

@instagram ladygugublog

#9. The Dollar caplet ugly sweater

This ugly caplet would be a great idea and actually look completely amazing. With the Dollar, yarn puffs and the customized lights, you will love wearing the ugly sweater for the day.

@instagram jwoweats

#10. The Unicorn ugly sweater

Customize your own Christmas decorations on the sweater and then sew a cute unicorn on it.

@instagram almayarilis

#11. The Jingle balls ugly sweater

You can choose to sew the jingle balls in a Christmas tree design or you can choose great patterns of your own.

@instagram the_nuik

#12. The 3D Christmas dogs ugly sweater

With some details of customized lights and a red badge, the 3D dogs would look absolutely great for your ugly sweater.

@instagram just_raee_

#13. The Slaying ugly sweater

An awesome way to rock your ugly sweater that is made from a customized Christmas Tree idea with cute flowers made from colorful ribbons.

@instagram snsanchxxx

#14. The Santa-claws ugly sweater

Add some glitter to your ugly sweater accompanied with a kitten hat to complement the Santa-claws look.

@instagram mersha.theminipanther

#15. The Chilly ugly sweater

Customize your own snowman and add some details of your choice like adorable scarfs and hats then sew them on your sweater.

@instagram jennormous

#16. The Lots of color ugly sweater

Add some color to your ugly sweater using customized lights made from small, colorful, puffy balls and some snow made from cute, glittery, white puffy balls.

@instagram kennobarbie

#17. The Undercover ugly sweater

Achieve this look by using masks made from different fabric designs and some elastic fabric. For the lines you can use colorful strings or even yarn. For some shimmer and shine, use colorful beads.

@instagram thisismskimmay

#18. The Santa’s-here ugly sweater

All you need to do is customize your reindeer-shaped ears, Santa and door knock. For the door knock, use a thick fabric, a red jingle ball and finally, customize your own Santa the way you like it.

@instagram dianapenty

#19. The Paint-me ugly sweater

If you want to be more artistic with your sweater, some paint would do. Add some hand made ribbons and flowers to your painting.

@instagram ajat_Anzeige*

#20. The Tell me a secret ugly sweater

Paint your sweater horizontally and vertically with black and white colors and add some ribbons to accessorize your ugly sweater.

@instagram positivity413

#21. The Cute llama ugly sweater

Customize your llamas and add some glitter to the look for some cute and fun definitions.

@instagram moses_the_puppy

With these awesome ugly sweater ideas you cannot afford to miss all the fun during the Holidays. Which ugly sweaters are your favorite? Please share your comments.

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