37+ Trendy DIY Painted Shoes Ideas: An Easy Fashion Guide

Wearing shoes with designs on it is very cool. Painted shoes are considered to be the new trend in shoe matter. People love them because they are so different from the usual dress shoes. You can buy painted shoes online and also offline. But before you go out and buy these painted shoes, here is a guide to help you pick the best pair that will add charm to your personality in a way that nobody else will have.

Painted shoes fashion refers to the custom of decorating shoes with intricate patterns and designs in bright colors. Actually, painted shoes have been around for a long time. But recently they began to appear in contemporary and couture fashion collections. Some of today’s top designers like Jimmy Choo, Marchesa, Calvin Klein and Christian Louboutin are using them on their most glamorous evening and party styles.

1. Summer paint

2. Custom Air Force 1 with snakes

3. Custom Nike AF1 Futurama Style

4. Nike custom shoes blue style

5. Custom Air Force 1 Orange and Gray

6. Custom Shoes with Stitch Doc Martens

7. Winnie the Pooh

8. Spongebob AF1’s

9. Jamsine girl

10. Cherry blossoms

11. Custom af1 Naruto vs Sasuke

12. Custom gold

13. Dragon Ball custom Shoes

14. Cold!

15. Neon angelus

16. Xxxtentacion fan art

17. Wavy baby

18. Rose and skull AF1 custom

19. Cloudy AF1

20. Queen bee

21. Simple and clean custom

22. Ice cream custom

23. Spring

24. Bloody Air Force 1’s

25. Jordan 1 custom

26. Rugrats cook-up

27. Harry Styles Custom Set

Wearing painted shoes is a great way to spice up any outfit. Even if you just have a pair of simple black flats, you can turn it into a fashion statement with a creative design.

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