4 Super Easy Poses to do in Your Next Photoshoot: With Video Illustration

So you’ve just been booked for a photoshoot and have no idea what poses to do? Don’t worry, I got some favorites below.

Photography poses are a fun way to learn more about photography in a non-technical way. This is why I chose to illustrate my article with some of my photos. I will present you the four basic posing techniques that you could apply on your images. So, don’t be afraid and try them out!

Finding a good pose for your next photoshoot can be hard. There are hundreds (if not thousands) of poses to choose from, and it’s pretty easy to get overwhelmed. That’s why I like creating lists (I’m all about the lists). And when it comes to posing, here are some dynamite poses that can fit any theme, model type, or kink.

I’ve created a complimentary guide with 4 super easy poses to do in your next photoshoot. My hope is that this blog post helps you make your model’s job as easy as possible and also allows you to shoot more photos in less time by getting better shots the first time around.

Movement Poses

1. Your back towards the camera, swing around

You’re always looking for the perfect pose to use in your next photoshoot. Luckily, I’ve discovered the best most incredibly easy pose to use in your next photoshoot. It’s so good I had to come over to sit on my bed and tell you about it! If you ever participate in a photoshoot, this is a must-do pose! Seriously, it’s super simple: just turn your back to the camera and spin.

This is an easy pose to do in your photoshoot. Your back towards the camera, swing around so that you face the camera again. The main point of this move is to show off your arms and chest to make sure that they can be seen in the picture. This type of photography pose is one of my favorites due to its simplicity.

The swing around pose is one that can be used at the end of a shoot when you have some fun time left. It’s a different pose that will make the moment more memorable.

What is so good about this easy pose is that you are able to do it with clothes on and your partner will look beautiful. It would be a shot that makes everyone look perfect. And the best part is … it doesn’t require any skills! I like doing this pose in outdoor shoots and I especially love it when done on steps. It’s so much fun to shoot for me as an photographer 🙂

2. Place your hands on your head and slightly move your head

Place your hands on your head and slightly move your head. Repeat this pose and you will get a new interesting pictures with a bit of variety.

Your arms are your most attractive body part. Do you want to have an amazing image of the pose? Hands can be attractive if they are in this way: place your hands on your head and slightly move your head.

On a photoshoot you want to look good. Therefore, you want your poses to be on point. These easy-to-do hand poses can fit into any shoot for any model and will have your pictures looking awesome.

It’s easy to do and you can also change it a little bit by placing your hands higher or lower on your head. Another interesting option is to place an arm on your hip, and another one holding your hand over the other wrist.

Editorial Poses

1. Make an O with arms and lean

It’s a known fact that the easiest way to look hot in photos is by using body language illusions. The best illusion of all is the one that gives you a pleasing hourglass waistline, and arms.

A staple of every photo shoot is the cliche “O pose”“. It’s the pose where you ask the model to extend an arm outwards, usually with their hand in the shape of an O. It’s popular because it’s simple and can work in a variety of lighting situations.

This position is a common one and very easy to remember. Seconds to find an O with each arm, most of us can find this pose naturally. This is similar to arms up but with palms open and facing the camera.

If you need a simple pose, one of my favorites is the O frame. It’s easy to make, and you can use it for just about anyone. The cool thing about the O frame is that you can do a close up as well as a distance shot as shown in this photo.

2. Intertwine your hands and place on your head

Alright guys, first up is my number 1 most go-to pose. This pose works well for any photoshoot as well as for modeling (for the ladies). I use this pose in almost all of my shoots. It is a simple but yet very powerful pose. I’m going to explain 2 ways to do this pose, one with your hands on your head and one with your hands intertwine.

When you are taking pictures of your products it’s all about expressing feelings. And I’ve collected some of the best and easy hand poses that will help you do just that!

This pose allows you to showcase your accessories and gives the final result the “dream” vibe. I’ve seen a few variations of this, but want to give my personal variation and tips to get the right shoot.

Video Illustration

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