63+ Cute & Fun Easter Nails Ideas

Easter time is a good time to update your nails. You can use any color you want, but I recommend you use pastel colors or pastel yellow. They are very beautiful and easy to apply. You can make your own pattern transparent with a nail art pen if you need it . Here is my collection of easter nail ideas .

Hopefully you’ve got good weather, and are well and truly ready to enjoy the Easter weekend. Whether you’re heading off for a family cookout, or a day of relaxing at home, I thought I’d share some Easter inspired nail ideas to get you in the mood. Don’t forget these Easter nails are easy to copy – they’re not too intricate, but still cute and fun. Best of all, they look great with any outfit!

Don’t have time for elaborate nail art? No worries, you’ve come to the right place! Today I’m sharing easy Easter nails. This look is perfect for two reasons: first, the end result is adorable! Second, it doesn’t require a ton of work, but still looks pretty cute.

1. Easter Candy mani

2. Mr Pan Cake

3. Kolorek Pana Banana

4. Glam Flakes Black

5. The Negative Space Mani

6. Miss Muffin

7.  Easter bunny set

8. Easter Bunny!

9. StoneEffect

10. Master of pastel

11. Rumple Buttercup

12. Easter ready

13. Simple spring pastels

14. Yellow Bunny Nails

15. Carrot nail art

16. Simply elegant with glitter eggs

17. Easter Inspiration

18. Bunny!

19. Eggshell Easter nails

20. Perfect Easter Nails

21. Easter Spring Nails

22. Easter Egg hunt

23. The Tales of Peter Rabbit & Benjamin Bunny

24. Early Easter Nails

Are you looking for Easter nail ideas? There are so many pretty and bright colors out there just waiting to be used on your nails. Try mixing two or three colors together, or add some glitter for extra sparkle. Here is a great list of nail ideas that you can make use of.

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