All You need to Know about Anti-gravity Poses: With Video Illustration!

Anti-gravity poses are the ones that make you look as if you’re defying gravity. Nothing seemingly strange or difficult about that, but it’s the result of putting everything together to get that effortlessness.

Often, the most flattering poses are those in which you look like you’re floating. And because gravity does what it does, most of us don’t naturally land in poses that make us look like we’re levitating. But there are ways to achieve that sought-after anti-gravity effect without spending a tone of time on yoga moves and well-placed props.

When it comes to pictures, it’s all about the pose. You need to make sure you know how to do your poses. Getting the right pose is crucial. But it doesn’t just come naturally—you have to practice! From standing straight and tall with your hands on your hips, balancing on one foot, or even lying down with your hair spilling out around you—it’s very easy once you learn all about anti-gravity poses!

Sometimes just being in a good mood is not enough to take great photos, you have to know certain tricks and poses that will make your pictures amazing. I came up with some tips and tricks on anti-gravity poses that I will share with you so that you can stand out.

1. Go up on your toes

Up on your toes, and drop your hands behind. Do you feel like weightless right now? That strong feeling makes sense because this is one of the basics of poses in photo shoots. This pose will help you stand on a crunchy tree stump that could break anytime.

The key to being able to stay up on your toes is to relax your knees. If you have tight hamstrings, this will be much more challenging. When you are a beginner, there are a few different ways you can help yourself relax your knees that make it easier to stay up on your toes for longer. Some people raise their back heel a little so there is less weight in their heels which makes it easier to keep them off the floor.

If you aren’t too good with balancing on your toes yet, I would suggest not even trying it because the last thing you want is to fall over and hurt yourself when a picture of you can be worth 1000 words!

This pose however, will make your legs look long and slim and it will elongate your torso making it look longer and leaner than it really is.

credits @kaliannakali

2. Fall forward

When we stand on one foot, our body weight naturally shifts to one side. It is in this moment that the balance tips and as the shifting occurs, the body is pulled forward and thus creating a feeling of momentarily hovering in air.

Put one hand on your hip or let it swing behind you. Bring the other hand above your head and stretch your arm, hand in a downward position. Put your weight on your right foot while pushing up toward the ceiling, using it as leverage to balance.

Now slowly bring your body forward with your working foot as the point of contact. Press down with your core and try to hold for a few seconds before switching sides. The key is all in that core strength—so remember: no slouching!

This pose gives you extended looking legs and makes your body look like it doesn’t touch the ground. You can achieve this by standing on one leg and then slowly fall forward. Put your hands in front of you for balancing. The further forward you fall, the more the effect.

credits @kaliannakali

3. Lean back

What you’re doing here is following the direction of gravity by getting into a pose that mimics the way your body curves naturally when you lay down. This takes the work out of creating an arch in your back and lifting your chest up.

To make the pose look more attractive, try to tilt your head a little to one side and rest it against the ground.

Once you are on your knees, you need to lean back slowly until you feel a slight stretch in your back muscles. Make sure you stay close to the ground so that it’s easy for you to retain balance. To continue enjoying the benefits of this pose, first bring your torso forward. The purpose of this is to give your spine a chance to relax at its natural position.

Since you’re on your knees, the weight of your body is resting on them. You can rest your head backwards as much as you want, making sure that it isn’t leaning far back. And remember to smile!

credits @kaliannakali

A Video Illustration!

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