Awkward at Posing? Do this Instead

Can you feel that gnawing self-doubt as you pose, strike one sultry look after another and hope for the best? Perhaps it’s time to put down your mirror and pick up the tips in this post.

In order to keep yourself at ease and make posing for pictures simple here are a few tips that you should follow.

These poses are a great place to start as they are easy to do and simple, but still look beautiful and elegant like you’re in a modeling magazine.

If you are awkward at posing or you are not experienced, or even if you are one of the best out there, here is some ideas lately that I have been using.

1. Hold fence

When we face the challenge of taking a photo, whether it’s family picture or a post on social media, it’s easy to become awkward. There are ways to avoid this though. In order to look your best in a photo, you need to know what elements make up good poses and what to avoid.

Hold fence
Credits @paulinehaydee

2. Toe pointed forward

Toe pointed forward pose is a great pose that focuses on the cubed feet rather than the legs. It could be used in various poses such as catwalk, beach, or just posing on the bed.

Place your foot directly in front of you with a slight bend in your knee. You can raise one hand if needed for balance, but keep the other hand by your side for a more graceful look. Next up is the toe pointed to one side pose. This is like looking “V” so make sure you place one foot slightly in front of the other to maintain balance.

Toe pointed forward
Credits @paulinehaydee

3. Lift dress

The lift dress pose is similar to the standard bridal portrait pose, but lifts the dress to give your photos an elegant ambiance.

Better angles are your secret weapon and the key to creating photos that you’ll love. They hide less-than-perfect thighs, enhance the waist, draw attention to the face, slim hips and reveal an hourglass figure. With simple contours you can dramatically improve your posing and have more fun in front of the camera.

Lift dress
Credits @paulinehaydee

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