Balayage on Short Hair: Tiktok Video Compilation

I am always searching for the best how to balayage on short hair videos so that I can try them out and learn from other professionals. If you are in a rush, below are my top favorite balayage on short hair videos. Enjoy!

Balayage on short hair is pretty much the hip thing to do with your hair lately. Balayage is an artistic technique used when coloring hair. When done properly, it gives a natural and sun-kissed effect for brunettes, blondes and redheads.

What most people don’t know about Balayage is that it is also amazing on short hair! In fact, balayage can bring dimension and movement to short hair that just isn’t possible with other coloring techniques.

Balayage on short hair is definitely a unique blend. Here, I’ve included what balayage is and why it works with short hair, how to customize the technique for your hair, best products to use (and not use), and alternative color techniques.

1. Short textured Bronde lob

The bronde trend is still going strong — but these days, it’s all about texture. It has evolved from a simple color makeover to a dishy dimensional look. The choppy hair trend can give a new meaning to the word “off-duty” … especially if you do not go too hard with the choppy part.

Lob stands for long bob, which is the same as saying longer bob. Actually, it’s very different. It used to be that “bob” meant a short cut or edgy. Lob is actually not that any longer. For women who love extensions more than bobs, there are numerous ways in styling hair with length which might confuse you sometimes. Therefore, here’s how you can style your lob short haircut into textured lob and make a statement ever since you were young.


Transformed To a short textured Bronde lob I can wear straight & wavy!#hairtransformation #torontohairstylist #hairtrends2021 #balayagemakeover

♬ original sound – dvcolour

2. Golden beige blonde

Get ready to see a super cute balayage on short hair! Sometimes full head of highlights can be a bit overwhelming for shorter hair and can emphasize the lack of volume. That’s why this golden beige blonde is such a good example – the ends are softly highlighted which makes them appear fuller and more voluminous. Meanwhile the top half of the hair is left in its natural dark brown shade.

This balayage on short hair gives a golden beige blonde that will fit in a range of natural brunette color haircolor. If you are looking for a summer look, this is the perfect hairstyle. The remaining hair is dark brown and styled straight over the bangs. This look is beautiful and can work for a variety of clients as it doesn’t contrast drastically with her facial features.


Mini Hair Transformation (Golden Beige Blonde) by @coloredbyadriana on IG #haircolor #balayage #hairtransformation #blonde

♬ Woah (feat. D3Mstreet) – KRYPTO9095

3. Balayage + lowlight technique

Balayage lowlights are the perfect way to create dimension and movement in the hair and break up a solid color.  The best part about balayage lowlights is that they’re not layered, meaning you don’t have to cut the hair!  You can simply just place the color on top of the existing layer in the hair. That being said, there’s a few tips and tricks that will make applying balayage lowlights easy – especially if you’re not used to balayage techniques!

Balayage lowlights are different from regular balayage ombre hair color techniques in that they tend to be more subtle, less contrast. This method of hair coloring is perfect for short hair around face level.

Balayage is not just for long hair. If you are looking for a less harsh way to highlight your short hair, try balayage. The difference between balayage & ombre is that balayage is free hand & will show every strand of color shading throughout your hair. Balayage lowlights can really add a graceful effect to your style & give the illusion of longer locks.

4. Short sassy, dimensional honey blonde

This balayage is all about the movement! I love playing around with dimensional highlights to try and create pieces of interest. This haircut is one of my favorites, because it’s so easy to style and looks great curly or straightened.

A perfect look for summer. This is an excellent summer color for someone who doesn’t want to sit in the salon chair for hours since the color highlights are created using balayage blending technique which is more time efficient than foiling. The balayage highlights will gradually grow out beautifully.


Virgin hair transformation ➡️ short sassy, dimensional honey blonde @redken #hairtransformation #redken @balayageinspo #balayagehair #fyp #tiktokhair

♬ Nobody – NOTD & Catello

5. Short bob balayage

Short bob balayage is a great and creative way to make your short hair look longer and sleeker. Balayage is not only used for long hair since the technique can be used on all types of hair regardless of the length. Balayage on short hair is also used to make the hair look thicker which is perfect for thin or narrow faces.

Short bob balayage is a hairstyle that features bright or natural blonde highlights at the top and darker brown or black hair at the bottom to create an ombre effect. It’s a great look for spring and summer because it feels like you have natural sun-kissed highlights when you actually do not.


Sexy Short Bob Balayage, WATCH TILL END for AMAZING FINAL RESULT #watch #hair #shortbob #balayage #ShowUpShowOff #viralvideo #fy #foryou #fyp

♬ GREECE (feat. Drake) – DJ Khaled

6. Short hair brunette

Brunette balayage hairstyle with artistic lowlights start around the face and head down to the natural hair color. This look also has a side parted bang hair style with a choppy fringe.

Having short hair makes you feel beautiful, sexy, and more confident than ever. Your silky hair flows freely depending on the wind’s direction. It is a great style that every woman can pull off. But you know what they say there are no rules when it comes to beauty. If you dare, you could try balayage hairstyle on your short hair color!

7. Face frame balayage for short hair

Partial balayage on short hair adds dimension. full balayage is too high maintenance for short hair. Partial balayage gives you the non-coloring of highlights, but the added dimension of blending. This is just one example for face frame balayage that blends well with many face shapes.

Face frame balayage is a popular technique that is widely used among hairdressers and home stylists. It is simple to do but has the power to give any look a boost, and even transform it into a new style.

Hair must be clean and evenly dried before starting. Use a comb and make sure you have all your supplies laid out including your color. Wear vinyl gloves or use rubber gloves to protect your hands. You can see here that the hair has been cut short in order to create a face frame on the top of the head. We can start balayaging from the back to the front in order to keep our work organized and to create straight lines which give us a more natural look as opposed to balayaging the hair haphazardly over the head.

8. Modern Balayage on short hair

Modern Balayage is a hair coloring technique to create the illusion of regrowth on solid, single-colored hair. The idea of modern balayage is similar to a freehand version of traditional balayage. It’s kind of like applying a gradient on your hair without using foils.

The style combines the trendy ombré look with balayage highlights. The result is a fun and cool way of styling short hair that looks great both when you are hanging out at home or going out with friends.


Modern Balayage on short hair 😎 check our my Instagram hair page @fritziestudio for more transformations fyp

♬ Solo – Clean Bandit,Demi Lovato

9. Blonde balayage short hair

Blonde balayage on short hair is one of the most popular hairstyles on Instagram, and for a good reason. It’s under 10 inches long, flattering to most face shapes, versatile and fun to create. The best part is, it doesn’t require visiting your hairdresser every 8-12 weeks to get your color refreshed.

Blonde balayage short hair is modern and simple fashion. It also can be one of the best ideas to improve short hair color in summer. Get blonde balayage short hair, look more attractive and charming.

Blonde balayage is versatile and can be used on all hair types. You’ll notice that a lot of balayage looks have been modestly enhanced with the color along the root. This technique allows us to give dimension without being too drastic.

Blonde balayage on short hair is probably one of the easiest color changes to pull off, which makes it so popular! It’s great for summer because it doesn’t take much time to maintain.

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