Basic B Poses to Try: With Video Illustration

Getting your picture taken can be a big challenge. However, when it comes to posing for photographs, there is no denying the importance of making a proper pose. Whether you are taking a photo with your pet, or with your friends, you should know the basic B poses to try!

A lot of babes think that they can’t take a good selfie or don’t look hot enough to post pictures. Well, they could be wrong. Taking photos of yourself can be hard work, but you should never let it stop you from doing what you need to do–including posting selfies online.

1. The “bored but cute” pose

Yes, that’s exactly what it sounds like. You need to be bored looking but cute at the same time. Ok, so how do you pull this one off? This pose is more than just a photo. It’s about persona and using the right props and settings to create an image of someone who seems bored and dreamy at the same time. Trust me, it’s way easier to do than it sounds!

Posing like this can make it look like you actually have a personality while simultaneously making you look really, really bored.

A basic but flattering pose where the girl is looking away. This pose makes the girl look cute and expressive.

Credits @paulinehaydee

2. The power stance

So you’ve taken a lot of pictures and you’re still uncertain about which pose is best for you. There are always the classic poses, but how do you spice it up? Well look no further than the power stance position. It’s easy, it’s manly, and it gotchu covered.

The power stance is just like it sounds. Stand with your legs a little wider than shoulder width apart, feet straight ahead and your hands on your hips. This pose is perfect for showing off a smaller waistline and draws attention to the shoulders and chest.

The power stance is a variation of the sassy girl and the classic hands-on-hips pose. The power stance can be as sassy as you like. You can have arms tightly crossed or loosely folded. You can even hold objects that are strong and assertive, such as skateboards and baseball bats.

Credits @paulinehaydee

3. The bored flamingo

The Bored Flamingo pose is quite simple. You stand like a flamingo with one leg extended. You can also add your handbags to this one, of course.

You know that feeling when you’re just so damn bored that you can’t even muster up the energy to tilt your head slightly towards the camera? Thats where this flamingo pose comes in.

We’ve all made the same old photo pose. Prop your chin on your hand, raise a single eyebrow, and look at the scene in front of you with a semi-sarcastic face. It takes 5 seconds to setup this photo but you should be able to get about 100 likes on Instagram alone!

In this pose, the subject simply places one leg across another, while outstretching the other to a 90 degree angle. In some cases, I’ve seen models do a full split for extra points as well. Perfect if you want to look detached and bored in your next bikini pic shoot!

Credits @paulinehaydee

4. The faux candid walk

There’s also the “faux candid walk pose,” which is basically walking towards the camera while jerking your head to look at something you supposedly just noticed. It’s B.B. because it feels so damn posed, even if it technically isn’t.

The faux candid walk pose is a great way to show the real you. You know, the one that stands in front of the mirror for hours trying different poses and facial expressions.

The faux candid walk pose is hands down my  favorite for being the most basic B. Girls do it to look sexy in pictures which is because they don’t know how to be sexy; you have to use your whole body!

What do you get when you combine the most basic B of photo poses with the selfie generation? The faux candid walk pose.

Credits @paulinehaydee

5. The looking back pose

Ah, the ever flattering looking back pose—a picture is worth a thousand words as they say. This simple pose is usually always at the bottom of your list of go-to poses because it’s one that’s frequently attempted, and there’s a reason for that. It’s a great way to show off your favorite features in your outfit—oh, I should probably mention—it’s also universally flattering.

The looking back pose is a great pose for the more daring girls out there.

The looking back pose is fairly popular on Instagram. It’s very natural and flattering because it can hide your flaws.

The looking back pose is a simple way to pull your shoulders back and create curves in your waist. One of my favorite things about this pose is that it automatically makes you look thinner because you are forcing your shoulders back and creating curves in your waist.

Credits @paulinehaydee

6. The sweet kisses

Okay, okay. So you might think this is silly, but hear me out. Okay? Okay. This is your basic “sweet kiss pose.” It implies that there’s a great deal of affection going on during the picture. Very cute!

Posing for a portrait is all about balancing expressions so that it looks flattering and the photo feels relaxed. It’s about revealing your personality through an aesthetic you set up with the photographer (more on that later) but also making sure that your body language doesn’t reveal anything that you’re trying to hide. Just remember – nice, tight smile, soft eyes and make sure you keep your chest muscles relaxed.

Credits @paulinehaydee

7. The cutesy crouch

The cutesy crouch pose is the perfect way to up your Instagram game. It might take a couple of attempts to get this right but once you’re there, you’ll be a pro who’s going to smash that ‘like’ count in no time.

When it comes to taking pictures in the wild, there is one photo pose that is the most basic B: the crouch. I’m sure you’ve seen this pose before and possibly even practiced it yourself.

Credits @paulinehaydee

Video illustration

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