Fun Coffee Time Poses: With Video Illustration

For photographers, coffee poses is like a a mug of hot chocolate on freezing winter morning. It is so easy and moody to shoot and also you can do it any time of the day, as you don’t have to wait for light and shooting conditions. You’ve probably noticed how often models pose with a cup.

I’m not talking about the typical landscape type of image where you have a closeup of a coffee cup on a wood table, maybe with some steam coming up. What interests me is using coffee cups in creative poses and having them photographed.

Coffee poses are a series of coffee pictures with funny themes and several steps to be followed. You can take different poses with your coffee cup that will lift your mood and you can share them with your friends.

Coffee poses are the do or die for any shoot in which you are holding an item. It can take years to master these moves to perfection, but here is your guide to coffee poses!

1. Simple Stance

The first position you’re going to want to try out is a simple stance. Start by standing with your legs shoulder width apart and point your toes straight ahead. This will be your basic stance for all of the poses that come after this one.

It’s important to have a firm base that allows your entire body to work together. The first step is to stand with feet shoulder width apart and a firm palm on your hip. You want your weight evenly distributed so that you are able to move smoothly without toppling forward.

Now it’s time to get those arms up and stretch your body out. The simple stance is all about holding a simple pose with your arms…all while looking slightly relaxed and chill.

Simple Stance
credits @paulinehaydee

2. Booty Shot

The booty shot is a variation of the very popular coffee cup pose. The booty shot doesn’t directly involve the coffee or its holder. It uses the same bend at the waist, but instead of bending arms back to rest on hips, bend the arms forward at shoulder height and touch them together, hands clasped or use one hand to lightly hold on to the wrist of the other arm.

The best way to do it is by getting your feet flat, pressing your hips forward and back in a gentle arc while keeping your chest up and eyes fixed ahead of you. This will give you a nice lift from the chest and a slight s-curve in the spine.

This pose is designed to target the glutes as well as target the inner and outer thighs. This pose also encourages flexibility in the hips.

Booty Shot
credits @paulinehaydee

3. Candid Walking

This is a type of street photo where you look like you’re just out there walking normally. However, interestingly it has more depth and feeling that a regular portrait would have. I love candid walking photos because you can feel and relate to the image on a whole new level. It’s not always just about posing, but also capturing moments as well.

Candid walking is a challenge for most photographers. One of the nice things about it, for me at least, is that candid shots of models often turn out to be some of my favorites! It’s amazing how different a photo can look when you’re not trying to pose someone into looking their best.

There is absolutely no reason to spend time practicing this pose in front of a mirror (so please don’t). The Candid Walking pose is so natural that it really just comes from your attitude and pose instinct, so there really is no reason to practice this kind of pose.

Candid Walking
credits @paulinehaydee

4. Cutesy pony

It is a well-known fact that coffee and cute girls go hand in hand. Check out how this cutie pixie is posing for her coffee time photo on a cute couch, while there’s still coffee left in her mug.

There are many types of pony poses and some of them are very cute. You might have seen some of them in many works of art and paintings.

Cutesy pony
credits @paulinehaydee

5. The Cheerleader pose

The cheerleader pose is a great way to feel more confident and take your photos from boring to bohemian in seconds.

The cheerleader pose is the one where the cheerleader stands and turns towards the camera, bending her knees and raising her arms in the air. It looks very cheerful and lively, like she wants to tell you a story or maybe run around to hug you.

A common pose in the coffee photo world is the hand on hip pose. The cheerleader pose is exactly the same as hand on hip, but with the head turned slightly to the side and a soft smile. These are also posed at a closer focal length.

The Cheerleader pose
credits @paulinehaydee

6. Peace and legs

I really love this pose because you get to make your legs look longer than they already are. The peace sign just adds so much cuteness to the whole thing.

Peace and legs pose is your chance to create a romantic image. Although for those who are passionate about peace, this position can be a bit awkward for you. But it does it have the potential to express love in one gesture.

Peace and legs pose continued my idea of simple portrait photo session but with coffee cup and biscuit.

Peace and legs
credits @paulinehaydee

A Video Illustration!

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