Cutest Selfie Poses for Girls: With Illustration Video

Nothing is more rewarding than a selfie, the selfie is the picture that you take yourself and share with your friends. There are hundreds of ways to pose for a selfie, as you can see in any publication at any time. We would like to show you some cool selfie poses for girls that have been proven more effective and popular than the rest.

Have you ever wondered what are some of the most common and best selfie poses for girls? These are! You’ll find tons of different pictures and ideas that you may use to pose in your next picture.

If you are a girl that treasures selfies then you will need to learn how to make cool poses for selfies.

It is simple to pose when you know how. Selfies are all about looking good by being appealing and adorable. This article discusses the cutest selfie poses for girls.

1. Bored

The girl is facing away from the camera and doesn’t notice it’s taken, the pose looks bored and that’s why it’s so innocent and cute.

For the girl who wants to make a statement without needing to say anything at all. The Bored Selfie is an effective ploy to use if you’re looking to stand out from the crowd.

Bored expressions are the easiest expressions to take. It’s the expression we rely on when taking selfies when we are alone, and there is no one around to help us 🙂

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2. Feeling cute

This is the best one for when you just want to let everyone know how adorable you are. Just make sure to get your hair out of your face and put on a smile. It will show your cute side and people will take notice.

The second cute selfie pose is feeling cute. This is one of the best selfie poses for girls because this attracts the most attention from people.

Every girl selfie taker is looking for cute selfie poses to make them stand out. With a cute pose, you can express your character more easily and look more interesting than other girls.

For all of you who need a dose of cute and who loves selfies, this is one pose you need to try. This pose can make you look right in pictures. This pose will make your feel more confident than before and can also add more fun in trying new poses.

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3. Show off your rings

This pose is great for girls who want to show off their rings or hands in general. Note: The hand should be upright with the palm towards us so that we can see the ring or jewel.

Girls who love to show off their rings pose is a very common pose that is considered cute and appealing. It is for this reason that many girls love this pose. They always show off their hands, more so with the wedding ring because it shows their married status or the engagement ring which shows the potential spouse.

Do you want to take a cute selfie, but don’t know what pose to use? If you’re wearing jewelry, try this one. Hold your hand up against your face and turn it toward the phone. Then, any rings will be in full view as the two circles framing your face. If you like this selfie pose with rings , try taking another selfie, only this time without a ring or bracelet in sight!

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4. Show your nails

Okay, so you want to show off your pretty nails. One of the best selfie poses is a picture with your hands. In this pose the nails can shine on the camera, especially if they are bright in color or have some nice nail art on them.

Selfies are not meant to be taken in a professional manner. They were created for fun and add a little flavor to your conversations. Even if you are taking them by yourself, have fun with the pictures. Don’t be afraid to show your nails.

Whether you have long or short nails, this pose is a winner. Tease your hair and take a picture pretending that you are showing a girl your new manicure. Then let the photo be taken at the hands of an angle that reveals a little bit of your nails. Also, don’t forget to wear nail polish!

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5. Hold your phone with both hands

Holding your phone with two hands really is the best and cutest way to snap a selfie.

When you hold your phone with both hands, you showcase your beautiful face and take control of how the photo is taken. The camera angle will capture everything from your waist to above your head. Bit self-centered? Well, who does not loves a bit of self-centered selfie once in a while?

By holding your phone with both hands, you’ll make the photo more lifelike and relatable, since holding a large object with both arms is easier for anyone.

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6. Hold your phone low

Holding your phone low, and having an air of confidence makes it look like you’re looking at the camera. Also, having a classic selfie pose like this is super cute and good for any selfie occasion.

When you hold your phone low, the angle appears more direct and engaging. By holding it lower, you look taller as well. Also, this pose will make your bust look bigger and more proportional to the rest of your body.

Yes, when you make a selfie with phone held low, it covers up your double chin and makes you look younger.

Go a bit lower than the usual holding position. It’s good for showing off your cleavage, and it will make the photo more interesting since it’s not the usual selfie pose.

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7. One hand on your chest

When it comes to taking selfies, one big question girls ask themselves is: where do I place my hands? It’s important to get the selfie right and this pose for a selfie will help.

Posing is a vital thing for every selfie taker. As choosing the right pose, the position of the hand you use has to be made carefully, especially for girls.

A very cute pose for girls. Typically a selfie taken with only one hand at the chest while you look at the camera. Guys, this is a great pose to try whether she is sitting or standing.

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8. “Sleepy” one

The “sleepy” selfie pose for girls is all about the tilt of your head and how you look next to you with one eye closed. It can be a slightly more cheesy pose in my opinion especially when it’s done wrong.

You look better with a smile than without. That’s why the “sleeping” pose is quite effective. It’s like you are inviting your followers to approach you, make all kinds of noise and wait until you open your eyes.

Selfie shots are always popular with girls. Here’s another one — smiling in a way of sleeper. Very sexy. To pull it off, you should try to look just as sleepy, and smile like your imagine is the most comfortable spot on Earth. You can make the pose even sexier by using some make up, eyelashes or fake eyelashes — whatever you usually do to make you look great.

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9. Headache

The reason behind this name is a bit silly: women tend to press their hands on their forehead while taking these selfies thus creating the impression of a headache. This position can go great with a sad facial expression. It can also highlight your hairdo or any other accessory you are wearing at that moment, like a nicely done manicure or gold necklace.

The headache pose is being a cute and not looking into the camera. This is the most common among girls when they take selfies. They have their head turned, best side forward, and look a little away from the camera. This pose is also commonly known as shy girl pose. It is interesting to note that girls seem to be able to apply makeup very well in this pose.

When you do the headache pose, pick a spot and don’t move. It would be better to stay natural and let somebody capture your photo than to try to pose for the best selfie every time.

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10. Toothache

Toothache pose is all about wrapping your hand around your cheek and patting it. This pose is good to show yourself with a broken heart and some of the times when you are feeling sleepy or bored.

The toothache pose is a cute pose which you can take for selfies. The position of the hands are simple – like you’re holding your cheek.

Toothache pose is an interesting selfie pose for girls. By this pose you can show your back to the front camera and put a hand on the face. It looks funny when done in different ways. So try it due to the reason that this pose is very cute and fun trying out.

However, this pose seems to make it look like you’re suffering from a toothache. So you can switch up your smile and show off those pearly whites by opening your mouth a bit more. The funny thing is, most people who try this selfie of themselves showing the pain they’re going through what actually having no toothache at all, so don’t press that too often!

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11. Can’t hear pose

Ah! The famous “I can’t hear you” pose. In this selfie pose, the subject is pretending to be listening to something (be it music or someone else’s voice) while looking away from the camera. This pose is great because it gets the job done without showing any skin. Its essentially a head shot that is meant to show your followers what you’re listening to at that moment.

It creates a great illusion that you’re listening to something but can’t hear it very well, making a viewer think what it could be. Remember to pull at your hair with your hand and turn the head toward that side. Ideally, you should have just polished your nails and have some snacks on hand.

Alright, girls. Here’s a cute selfie pose which suggests that you can’t hear anything because of the loud music. You should put your ear on one hand and make a phone out of it with your fingers. It’ll make you look like you’re listening to music but really, you’re taking a selfie.

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