Do You Struggle With Outfit Photo Angles? Do This Instead

So you are wondering how to photograph your clothing in an innovative way, make it look visually appealing and also interesting, right? Well, the good news is that there are ways you can do this. I am going to walk you through some of the tips that professional models and photographers use when they are out taking outfit photos. This will increase the engagement and popularity of your Instagram account.

It’s always frustrating to find a good perspective for your outfit photos. You can take one from the side, front, and back. But what about other perspectives? I struggled with this as well. That’s why I scoured the web for the best hacks that I’ll share with you today.

Taking the perfect outfit photo can be tricky. Ninety-nine percent of the time, photographers might rely on a different approach to make sure they get professional-looking results. It’s not because outfit photos are easier to shoot; it’s because lighting and props can easily take these photos from good to amazing.

Have you ever wondered how to take more flattering outfit photos? Over the last few years, my outfits posts have grown in popularity on Instagram and now also on Tictail where they get orders everyday. Today, I want to share some tips and tricks with you so you can start taking your own style photographs that are both optimized for good lighting as well as good composition.

Tips and Tricks

1. Kneel 6ft apart

Tip number one is to kneel 6ft apart. This allows full length and half length shots in both portrait and landscape shots so you don’t have to edit them.

Kneeling is the best position to take outfit photos. I found this out after numerous unsuccessful hours of angling, leaning and balancing. With a bit of trial and error (and disappointment) jumping from foot to foot I’ve come up with a couple of handy guidelines for you to follow.

Hitting the right outfit photo angle is hard, I know. It took me ages of practice to finally find out the best way for myself. Luckily, I discovered something that helped me drastically improve my outfit photos. Here it is!

1. Kneel 6ft apart
Credits @paulinehaydee

2. Camera 3ft off the ground

Sometimes it’s hard to get the perfect angle for your outfit photo, but there is a simple solution: bring your camera to 3ft off the ground and snap away!

It’s time to get creative! You want to make sure your outfit is in focus and the details are easily visible. You don’t want to be blurry or out of focus. I like to wear solid color tanks or shirts so my body doesn’t take away from the beautiful outfit you are wearing. By having your camera set at 3ft, you will be able to see all parts of the outfit.

If you want to take better photos of your outfit try standing up higher to take the photo on a camera that is 3ft off the ground and try adding items to the background to give it some color.

Sometimes the best angles are from the ground up. The great thing about this angle, is it creates a sense of movement. The hem and tops of the clothing will naturally sway and give you a more dynamic shot. It also enables you to change your viewpoint by stepping backwards or forwards, and shooting straight down or 45 degrees towards your subject.

2. Camera 3ft off the ground
Credits @paulinehaydee

3. Slight camera angle up

This is a great way to add dimension and interest to your outfit photos. For this shot, I lifted the camera slightly upwards by resting on on my hand (as seen in the second photo) so that the shoes are more visible.

The slight camera angle up on the model’s body is known as dramatic or sultry. It emphasizes the length of the torso, slims the hips, and accentuates curves in a flattering way. This angle can be used for every style of clothing, from casual to formal.

Although the camera angle doesn’t affect your outfit much, it can make a difference. The slight angle up will make you look skinnier and even taller. Your legs will look more graceful and slender.

If you are trying to take pictures of yourself and show some of what you are wearing, it can be tricky. One trick for showing the outfit from head to toe and avoiding strange neck angles is a slight camera angle up.

If your photography space doesn’t have enough room for a full view of your body, it’s not the end of the world. In fact, something like a slight camera angle up that highlights your face can be a beautiful thing. This captures your curves and makes you look even slimmer than you are!

3. Slight camera angle up
Credits @paulinehaydee

Video illustration

Easy poses for Outfit Pics

Having a hard time coming up with striking poses for outfit pictures? It’s essential to show outfits in the best light. So, I’ve put together a list of easy ways you can take photos that really capture your style and personality.

1. Stand straight, look to the right

Since you are posing for a picture, you want to look your best naturally. When taking pictures, it is best to stand straight up or as straight as you can. This makes your body look taller and slimmer.

You also want to make sure your chin is facing down slightly as this will make your neck appear shorter. The last thing you want to do is have your chin up very high or pointed down very low because it could add extra weight on your body. You want to take into account the lighting too before snapping a picture.

This way you create space for your handbag and cause a visual flow into the picture in such a way that your outfit looks more stylish than it really is.

Credits @michelleliman

2. Fold one arm

One of the most famous poses for outfit pictures is the folded arm pose. This is great for covering up some problem areas and creating a modelesque silhouette. The folding allows you to cover your tummy and upper arms without actually making you look like you’re trying to hide anything.

This creates a hugging effect that draws the eye to the waistline of her pose. You can use either the right or left arm, whichever you feel more comfortable with. For some, this step may need a bit of practice.

Keep it simple with this single arm fold pose. This is a nice way to incorporate a bit of your background and some movement into your picture. To execute this pose, simply use one hand to fold over part of your outfit. The other arm can rest at your side or across your body depending on what looks best.

Credits @michelleliman

3. Look down

You also need to try out the look down pose. This pose is among the best pictures because it puts attention on your outfit and makes it eye catching.

I love this pose a lot! To do this pose, position yourself in a standing position (I prefer at the edge where you can get the surroundings) and then look down. This pose is great for capturing beautiful footwear, gorgeous dresses and skirts that you’re wearing. It’s also good if you have something on your head like a hat or cute hairclips, etc.

Credits @michelleliman

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