Fall OOTD Poses: With Video Illustration

Flaunt your pose and stand out in a big-way with the new Fall OOTD poses. We’re talking dresses, jeans, sweaters, boots and more all in one place. Whether you’re on a coffee run or hanging at home, these fresh poses will make you look and feel like a total fashionista.

Once we’re done with the summer tan, it’s time to start thinking about outfits inspired by a colder season. The fall outfits can be just as bright and lively as the summer ones. Just swap sunny dresses for light cardigans or denim and you’re good to go. These OOTD poses are perfect for your girl models in autumn outfits!

1. The headache

The headache pose is a pose used to cover or draw attention away from your face when you’re wearing a unique fall outfit. This pose may seem inappropriate or silly, but it’s actually very effective.

With the changing of the seasons, and temperatures dropping, this pose is a must for all your outfits in fall. Whether you’re wearing a sweater, an oversized cardigan, or a skirt, this pose will look great.

Well, it’s used quite often in fashion marketing photos to give the impression of a fashionable life! This pose is pretty casual. To understand this pose you can take a look at the diagram below:

The headache
Credits @paulinehaydee

2. The “pants sizes too big” pose

This season’s crop top craze means that there are some great Fall OOTD poses that will have you showing a little leg and looking classy. This one I’m sharing with you today can be used for modeling.

Every year a new fashion style captivates the world. This year, due to celebrities like Jimmy Fallon and Ariana Grande going public with the look, the oversized pants style is all people can talk about.

The "pants sizes too big" pose
Credits @paulinehaydee

3. The “faux walk”

I’m here to talk about a pose you might see some people using on the grid — the faux walk. The name itself is pretty self-explanatory, but there’s a little more to it than just that. The idea behind this pose is that you mimic the idea of walking forward without moving your feet. This illusion makes it look as if the model is balancing on air and walking through the air in an effortless fashion.

It’s natural and comfortable for a female figure. It’s refreshing to do and makes your photos feel more real. It can work with any type of outfit, from swimwear to a maxi dress.

The "faux walk"
Credits @paulinehaydee

4. The “imma just stand here” pose

This pose is mainly for those days where you’re just like, “I don’t feel like modeling for the picture today”. But it does make for a great resting pose when you need a break from taking pictures.

This is the quintessential pose. To the point where you might feel a bit guilty making your sim do anything else (this is actually my own problem and I really should just let myself breathe). It’s easy to pull off, but you still need to have certain things in mind. The main thing you want to remember is that your sim must be facing left or right, while keeping their feet parallel with the ground, and their body facing forward.

 The "imma just stand here" pose
Credits @paulinehaydee

Video illustration

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