Foxybae Curling Wand Review: The Easiest Waves

What I really want is the easiest way to get great wavy hair. If I could travel back in time, what would I tell my younger self to buy? Since I cannot time travel, hopefully, this Foxybae curling wand review will guide you on your voyage to get beachy waves that are not only easy but fast!

Before you read this Foxybae curling wand review, you need to know something about me. I like simple, effortless hair…which is funny because curls are anything but effortless.

So y’all had BETTER know that I was looking for an alternative way of creating curls that wouldn’t involve the old-school flat iron routine of sectioning my hair off and curling it under at the end.

Foxybae is the Electric Curling Wand that gives you effortless beautiful curls with just a flip of the wrist.

Step by Step Tutorial Using Foxybae Curling Wand

The Foxybae curling wand has taken the market by storm. It’s an excellent product that is delivering results for both beginners and pros, alike.

You can create beachy waves to soft curls with my Foxybae curling wand tutorial below.

Step 1. Part Hair

Part your hair in two main sections to create a cute side braid.

Divide your hair into two separate sections starting at the back of the nape of the neck. Secure each section with an elastic band just above the ear.

2. Section Hair Using Clip

You have to section your hair so that you can easily handle it individually so that you can curl your hair more easily.

You will want to section off the hair to ensure you can get through each section neatly, If you want big ringlets you will have to use hair clips.

3. Heat Protection

For the best results for your curls, it’s important to use a heat protectant.

Foxybae Curling Wand comes with its own protector (FoxyBae Cool AF Heat Protectant Hair Spray). What’s great about using this specific heat protection is that it protects your hair from the dangerous effects of blow-drying, curling, or flat ironing.

4. Curl

Okay so finally we get to the fun part! I’ve said it once and I’ll say it again, if you’re going to invest in a curling wand this is definitely not one to skimp on.

Once you get the hang of using a quality tool like this one, you won’t want to go back; trust me!

We have found a revolutionary product that will change the world of styling forever – no more tangled messes of cords and an outdated method of curling.

Video Tutorial

Why We Love Foxybae Curling Wand

  • The Foxybae curling iron has a unique pearl ceramic coating that seals the hair cuticles and protects them from heat damage.
  • This curling wand delivers beautiful, bouncy waves with a length of at least 16 inches.
  • You can get a salon-quality hairstyle that would be otherwise hard to achieve without ever having to spend hours styling it.
  • Its unique barrel and burnished, all-metal barrel heats up quickly and retains heat; it doesn’t take long to get beautiful, bouncy waves.
  • The Foxybae curling wand can curl hair quickly and is a must-have for waves lovers.
  • Mini size, portable for on-the-go users.
  • Instantly locks in style and defined curls with a beautiful shine.
  • Lightweight and easy to use.
  • Perfect for medium, long, thick hair. Increased volume, definition, & bounce.
  • No weight on your wrist. You can control the wand much more easily than with other styling tools.
  • It is easy to hold and use for other styling activities like curling, crimping, and fluffing.

Frequently Asked Questions

Does FoxyBae curling wand have automatic shut-off?

For frizz-free, healthy hair, FoxyBae’s curling iron is equipped with a 360-degree swivel cable and an auto shut-off option. It also has a digital LCD display with temperature control.

Can you use a curling wand on short hair?

FoxyBae curling wand is excellent for bob and lob-length hair—anything larger won’t work for your short hair, and anything smaller would make the ringlets too tight. For a more relaxed look, gently run it through the tips of your short hair.

How do you use a 32mm curling wand?

Because the FoxyBae curling wand 32mm is wider in diameter than the 25 mm, it produces greater curls. This curling wand barrel size of 32mm is ideal for generating relaxed curls and disheveled waves. If you’re a fan of beachy waves, this is the size to purchase.

Final Thoughts

Get bounce and body, instantly. Release your waves!

I recommend this curling wand to foxy babes who want to curl their hair in under five minutes.

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