Get it Right! A Tutorial on Makeup for Green Eyes

Time needed: 10 minutes.

Green eyes are a beautiful eye color but they are not very fun to match. They can appear with different shades of green and brown as well. Also, the shade of green present in your eye color may depend on the amount of sunlight you have been exposed to so it may change with time. This combination makes matching makeup colors for women with green eyes quite challenging.

Although the color of your eyes can be one of the most unique aspects about yourself, most people don’t consider applying eye shadow to their green eyes. Green-eyed women may want to add color to their green eyes by using browns and blues in order to make them pop.

However, if you have green eyes, your makeup must be chosen with care because there’s a lot you need to do and a lot not to do. It’s true that if you don’t know how to take care of your green eyes when it comes to applying make-up, it can bring some headaches. That’s why I decided to create this detailed guide for people with green eyes.

Are you a green-eyed girl who wants to know how to pull off your green eyes perfectly with the right makeup? Look no further. I’ve got you covered right here as I take a look at makeup for green eyes and how you can highlight your eye color perfectly.


    The darkness of the burgundy color deepens and defines the natural shadow on your lower lash line while accenting the light green color of your eyes. To apply, start by using a pencil that does not have a sharp point to it. It’s best to use a coloring pencil that has a medium width tip.

    Apply a burgundy-colored iron oxides pencil on your bottom lash line up to the outer corner. Then, run this color into the crease of your eyes from beneath and up to your lashes. This will give you that dark look you’re going for.

    Eyeliner is a must for a smoldering gaze and burgundy can be particularly effective in complementing green eyes. Burgundy pencils on the lower lash line and swept into the crease, blended well, will enhance the green of your eyes, whilst thickening and defining the eyes further to create a sultry eye. You can add more definition by sweeping the eyeliner across your upper water line just above the shadow.

    burgundy pencil
    Credits @megan.lombardi


    The second step to show you how to apply makeup for green eyes is to use a small, angled brush (I like to use an angled liner brush). Grab a really light hand with the liner because we’re just going in and smudging out any harsh lines from the pencil.

    The burgundy portion of this shadow is what creates the illusion of depth. It is for bringing definition to the darkest part of your eye and creating the illusion of there being a third dimension in your eye. The most effective way will be smudging it out with the use of a pink or brown blending brush. If you’re applying this to both eyes, you’ll want to do it on both lids at the same time.

    Make sure that you are using a smudging brush and not the bigger one. This is going to work perfectly fine for applying the burgundy shade on your eyes. You can use a pencil brush or you can simply use your finger.

    Credits @megan.lombardi


    Now it’s time to prime before you start defining the shape of your eyes. To prime your lids, I like to use a grey shade- this will neutralize any redness or discoloration and make sure that the other shades will apply smoothly over the primer.

    When applying your eyeshadow primer, don’t forget your browbone and the lid. Primer creates a smooth canvas that prevents creasing and helps eyeshadows appear brighter and more vibrant. Bright pigments can overwhelm or underwhelm depending on the type of eye you’re working with.

    Eyeshadow primers help reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles, increase the longevity of eye makeup and prevent irritations and allergies that could be caused by wearing eyeshadow. Not only that these primers are a vital base to apply your eyeshadow on top.

    priming shade
    Credits @megan.lombardi


    So far we have applied our primer and base eye shadow, and now we will darken the outer corner of your eye and run a darker color along your lash line. But know that this step is completely optional! You can pick up any eyeshadow even more nude on your skin tone than the one you previously used.

    The outer and lower lash line should be a darker hue, accentuating the eyes enhanced by eye shadow or making them look bigger. You can try different types of brown eye shadow, peach, rose, and mauve as well.

    We’re just going to apply this shade right on the outer portion of the green eye, to make it pop even more. Using a flat shade brush, gently apply the deep forest green onto the outer half of your eye, focusing mainly on the outer V of your eye. Do not forget your lower lash line!

    darker shade
    Credits @megan.lombardi


    Now you want to add some color to the outer corner of your eyes. The best way to do this is to focus on the little piece of skin next to your pupil. You want to focus the plum shade on that area. This will lighten up your eye area so it doesn’t make you look tired or sleepy.

    Select a darker plum colored eye shadow and apply it with an angled brush on the outer corner and lower lash line. You can wear a lighter toned eye shadow color which is best suited for green eyes, but keep in mind that the lighter the shade is, the more complex it can be to apply.

    You can use a brush, but I prefer using my fingers so that I can go over certain areas again if needed. This way you can keep an eye on the intensity of your plum shade and make any needed adjustments.

    plum shade
    Credits @megan.lombardi


    Pat a sparkly shade on the lid. Pop a gold, bronze, champagne, or even silver on the center of the lid and gently blend outwards towards the temples.

    Making your eyes stand out is the easiest way to steal the show. You can use sparkly greys, deep browns or even purples to do this, but the trick to using eye makeup for green eyes is to remember not to go too dark. Your makeup should bring out its color, not compete with it.

    You can also pat your eye shadow brush into a sparkly shade and apply it to the lid. The shimmery wash of sparkles will bring out the color of your eyes and is about as forgiving as a liquid liner.

    Credits @megan.lombardi


    This step involves applying your eyeliner to your lower lash line and creating a winged look. Use whatever you feel comfortable using, whether that’s a liquid liner or a pencil. I decided to use my brown eyeliner pencil for this look because it’s warmer than black. I started from the outside of my eye and drew in little curves to follow the shape of my eyes.

    This step is quite a challenge, even for the pros. This is when we bring in the brown pencil to get the wing going. Use it to make a thick line on your lash line. Next, follow it with your feather-thin brown eyeliner and draw a little line on top of your thick one. Press down gently but firmly, so that the lines are well-defined.

    With a gentle hand, begin at your lash line and draw a half-open wing up towards the outer corner of your eye. Try to make the bottom of your wing follow the natural curve of your eye and stop just before it meets up with your lashes.

    Credits @megan.lombardi


    Now for the finishing touch! I always curl my lashes first, even though I never use mascara. But just like with the rest of your face, curling brings out the best in your eyes. With the job complete, it’s now time to apply mascara. Yet again you’ve got lots of choice with mascara, and just like I said before, I find that some mascaras are better than others. Having said that, all mascaras can look good on green eyes (as long as they compliment).

    Pop lots of mascara, as you want to accentuate those lashes, which might be your best feature! The trick is to choose a mascara shade that matches your eyeshadow and then make sure to line your bottom lashes. If you’re brave enough, you can even try some waterproof mascara since we’re playing with wet tools — just remember that those coats might clump quicker than regular mascaras.

    That doesn’t mean you should apply so much so that it appears as though you have a layer of dark black paint from your lash line to the brow bone. Choose a formula for your lashes that you think will give them enough definition and volume without appearing as though they are caked in makeup.

    Credits @megan.lombardi

Here is a video tutorial for you !

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