Great Ideas, Trends & Tips for Dark Brunette with Blonde Highlights

Today I’m writing about dark brunette with blonde highlights ideas. This hair color trend can be further worked into a number of ideas and variations. You may have seen celebrities like Jennifer Lopez, Gabrielle Union, Scarlett Johansson, and Eva Longoria wear this particular look. It’s one that is dramatic and attention-grabbing in appearance. And it’s definitely one that also happens to possess a unique quality which is the ability to look good regardless of the time of year and how warm (or not) it is outside. And always keep in mind, no matter what the color or style you are into, personal creativity is always essential. With this type of hair color, there’s bound to be many.

Are you blending away the dark roots of your brunette hair with blonde highlights? We’ve put together some great ideas, trends, and tips for dark brunette with blonde highlights. This article will teach you how to achieve just the right look every time you visit the salon.

Today, lots of dark brunettes seek highlights to lighten up their locks and make them look brighter. If you are a brunette and want to lighten your hair by adding subtle golden blonde streaks or bright highlights, then here are some ideas for you.

1. Colormelt

2. Blend the rules: formulation addition: Tune up your toning & formulation – a customized workshop teaching all the toning techniques and formulation strategies

3. Sea Salt, Dark Chocolate

4. Deepened base and melted color to give dimension & shine

5. Chopping off those dead ends

6. Dark beauty

7. Molten dark chocolate

8. Spray and supernova moisture & shine leave in cream

9. Demi melted: BALAY teased painted weaves

10. Deepened base with 4NW 3NW and glossed previous highlights with 7CR 7RR 6RB and I’m so in love with the results!

11. Touch up the moneypiece and deepen base one level darker. Base color is 3N 3NW and glossed the moneypiece with 6G 6wg. Take about 1 1/2 inches off the length and add light texture for movement.

12. Sweetness

13. Dark chocolate dimensional bob

14. Hazel- nut brown!

15. Dark chocolate glaze

16. Teased painted weaves

17. Regrowth touch up with half 4N half 3N with 10

18. Macchiato swirls

19. Long layers, and Bronde

20. This deep brown haircolor is universally flattering, complimenting all skin tones and types

Seeing the rise of dark brunette hair, especially with blonde highlights today, I thought it was definitely time to write this article. My younger sister is wearing her hair this way a lot lately, and my other family members are also trying it out as well. Not only does it compliment their facial features quite nicely (so many different people have tried and found that to be true), but it also compliments their coloring as well.

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