Hairstyles you Should Try Based on Your Zodiac Signs: With Inspiration Video

Hair is something that we all take for granted. We wash, style, cut and shave it at different points in our lives, but what most people don’t realize is the science behind hair. Today we are going to take a look at hair styles you should try based on your zodiac signs.

Ever wonder what hairstyles will suit you best based on your zodiac signs? The stars have a big influence on our lives so shouldn’t they guide you when it comes to choosing the perfect hairstyle too? Before you decide to chop all of your hair off, check out this list and see if maybe the stars are trying to say something to you through your haircut.

Did you know your zodiac sign influences your haircut preferences? It’s true. If you are someone who gets last-minute haircuts because you don’t know what to do with your hair, hopefully this post will give you some ideas!

1. Libra: Flowy hair with flowers

Libra has a natural charm and elegance that is hard to miss. Sometimes they are too charming which leads them to be less serious about solving issues around them. One thing you can do for them (without trying at all) is to help them focus with their hair cut. For Libra born in the 21st century, this means a flowy hairstyle with flowers.

Libra women often have straight hair and it is never difficult to style their hair. If you are a Libra, flowing wavy locks would do justice to your personality. A floral accessory accentuating your flowy hair will work wonders.

Libra is the first Cardinal sign of the zodiac. This means that they will have things running smoothly for them but also that they can be unpredictable and changeable. The best hairstyle for a Libra would be something flowy and easy to maintain since this sign would prefer to focus their energy on other things. A style with flowers, braids, or bangs (if you want something dramatic) would be a simple way to go. Just remember not to make your hair too heavy as Libras are not known for being strong-armed by their peers.

Libras want to look stylish and avant–garde at the same time. They are also aiming for a free and relaxed look. The best hairstyle for Libra is long loose curls that are either natural or blonde. If you don’t have natural curly hair, you can use a flat iron to achieve the desired look of flowing loose tendrils. While Libras are active in nature, they will still look elegant with the flowy messy loose curls. The flowers add just the right amount of sophistication together with femininity.

Libra is one of the most balanced signs within the zodiac. They are fair, kind and compassionate. They like to live their lives in harmony and enjoy connecting with others. LIBRA enjoys variety and beauty and if that attracts you, then you may want to try hairstyles with flowers.

2. Scorpio: Curly double Dutch braids

Scorpions are confident and ambitious individuals who know how to get what they want. When it comes to their hair, curly double Dutch braids are a perfect hairstyle for them to try because they are long and they allow them to show off their curves.

I like Scorpio a lot and I think this hairstyle shows off the best traits of the sign!. First, you have to notice that it’s double braided in Dutch hair-style. The combination of two hair-styles in one is very memorable and it’s also striking enough that you may not want to blend in with others. Hair should draw attention to you so that you can easily remember who is wearing something different.

Scorpios are deeply emotional people who are also incredibly intuitive. A good matching hairstyle for a Scorpio woman has to be just as deep. Why not try a double Dutch braid, a hairstyle that can be long-term if done right? The fact that it fits the Scorpio’s aloofness and coolness is a bonus.

One of the best hairstyles that Scorpio can sport is the double Dutch braid. This braid gives perfect definition to your features and is a great type for when you’re especially busy with work or other activities.

Scorpio, you are fierce, strong and determined. You’re an action-oriented person, so why not add a fierce hairstyle to go with your personality?

Scorpio has a fiery personality, and the curls to match. Their true beauty is revealed under a microscope and don‘t have your nose to the screen — we can see EVERYTHING! Think of your hair as finely crafted jewelry for your head. It’s expensive, so it deserves tender care.

3. Sagittarius: Half up half down

Sagittariuses are one of the most adventurous zodiac signs—they’re never afraid to try new things. Their adventurous side also extends to their hairstyles, and this half up half down ‘do is a perfect example of that.

Sagittarius, you’re all about adventure. You love to see new places and try new things — even in your own hair. That’s why we think that a half up half down hairstyle would look perfect on you. Lastly, remember to wear your lucky underwear while you try this style.

Sagittarians love to try new things and are adventurous. If you’re a Sagittarius, then you probably enjoy trying out new hairstyles from time to time. One style I recommend is the half up half down look. This hairstyle is something you should consider if your hair is naturally wavy or curly like mine. It’s also a good hairstyle for someone who wants something simple but classy.

Regardless of your hair type, this is a hairstyle you can rock! The best thing about half up half down hairstyles is that you can still wear them even if you have short hair.

Sagittarius, you’re the adventurous type who doesn’t mind doing drastic things with their appearance. You should wear your hair half up and half down, then metamorphose that look into a bun at the back. It’s a risk, but it’ll help you stand out from the crowd (and they’ll think you look fab).

4. Capricorn: Curly hair

Capricorn native should definitely try the curly hair. Capricorns make good use of their curls. They tend to love things that are sleek and elegant. This is also true for their hairstyle. Curly hair brings out their inner persona, most especially the refined and elegant one.

Capricorn can have curly hair especially if you have a seductive look but if you want less seduction and more chastity, try straight or wavy hair. With regards to men, curly hair is the best choice for Capricorns. Straight hairstyle will only make your face look wider. Also you can use highlights, lowlights, or streaks to give your hairstyle a little dressing up.

Capricorns are a traditional bunch. They take pride in keeping up appearances, and have a sense of style that shows they know how to do so with class. This won’t be the hairstyle choice for the times. But it’s certainly going to be one that will impress your romantic partner–especially if you don’t normally come off as crazy about fashion.

Talking about different hair styles and their relevance to our life is one of the major causes of arguments online. This argument is not only limited to celebrities but also related to zodiac signs. A frequent query related to hair style that we have come across, and it’s mostly by Capricorn ladies is about how they can look good in curly hair.

One of the best hairstyles you should try based on your zodiac sign is the curly hair. Capricorn has a classic look that is cute and also gives you a feminine look. If you have wanted to try something new, get the curls while they are at their most beautiful phase.

Capricorn Zodiac signs are very ambitious and are hard workers as well. These people might work for days without feeling tired. They are always clear about what they want to achieve and how to get there. Capricorns are born on December 22nd through December 31st. It takes years of hard work to grow a quality amount of hair, but if you’re one of the lucky Capricorn signs with curly hair – you can have all the benefits of big locks without having to put in the hours at the salon!

Capricorn is a difficult personality to dress, but knowing the best hairstyle for you can surely improve your appearance.

5. Aquarius: Retro High Ponytail

Aquarius represents freedom and love. Anyone who lives under this rising sign is hip, elegant, and rebellious. These people are heartthrobs and always in the spotlight. Having your hair up with a nice retro high ponytail is one of the most exciting hair styles to come out this year because you can pair it with any kind of clothing.

Aquarians love to throw a twist in their visuals, and this retro high ponytail is perfect for them. The backward part of this does creates a great finishing effect.

You are a creative person who is somewhat of a mystery. This makes you unpredictable when it comes to your hairstyles. You’ve tried them all without ever getting bored. Retro high ponytail is appropriate for fun parties and large gatherings but professional enough for work or other occasions. If you get bored with the retro look, change the clothes or accessories.

If you’re an Aquarius who wants to show off your wavy hair, this style is for you. Not only does it put the focus on your hair texture, but it emphasizes your eyes and cheekbones too. This look would be perfect for someone who works out a lot or spends a lot of time outdoors (which makes sense because this sign is one of the adventure-loving and fun ones).

Aquarius is a really fun and creative sign, which makes for an interesting fashion sense, as well. Retro high ponytail is a popular hairstyle among this sign and because of that it would be a really unique hairstyle for them — especially if they manage to pair it with a nice outfit (the contrast of the two will surely cause double takes).

Aquarius should try a retro high ponytail. They are not a follower and they don’t like to follow, which is why they should try something different that the others.

6. Pisces: Long mermaid waves

Pisces are blessed with luscious hair, but their long locks can look even better with an edgy hairstyle. Embrace your wild side by getting long waves that cascade over your shoulders and down your back.

Pisces have natural waves, which allows this hairstyle to come out effortlessly. You can add some sea salt spray before drying your hair for a natural look.

Pisces is the last sign of the zodiac and, like the fish itself, is a pretty blank slate. We’re referring to it mostly because of how much we love Mermaids movies and tv shows. So if you happen to be one of those girls who’s totally obsessed with them, you should stick with this hairstyle.

Pisces are dreamers, imaginative and creative people. Although they can be a little shy, they are also brave and passionate. Pisces is a symbol of eternal love and joyful dreams and they love to share these with the world! When it comes to personal style, Pisces do not care about fads and tend to follow their hearts.

In Pisces, the waves create a nice swooping look that ends below the chin. It’s a sexy look that’s a little more edgy than something soft and straight.

To get the full Pisces experience, you’ll want to add some lavender and blue into your color scheme. Start by adding a pastel blue balayage to cool blonde locks. Then, add some lavender peeking through from your roots. If you want a more intense look, try a burgundy ombré, framing the sides of your face.

People born under the Pisces star sign are known to be very creative and imaginative. They are also great when it comes to creating artistic masterpieces. When you look through their hair collection, you can easily find wavy hairstyles that could make everyone want to have them. Whether your hair color is dark or light, long straight locks or loose curls, long mermaid waves would be the best choice for your hair type just like you see on this model with natural blond hair.

A Pisces woman is one of the most beautiful creatures on the planet—and she knows it! Such a confident sign, the Pisces woman always has an amazing sense of style, and will never put herself in an outfit that she doesn’t think is outstanding. This leads her to create masterpieces from even the smallest materials, and she’ll craft a pair of stylish mermaid waves with her gorgeous hair that will have all eyes on her as she walks down the sidewalk.

7. Aries: Slick back ponytail

Aries…let’s say you are looking for a new hairstyle. What should you pick? It depends on whether or not you want to give your look a fresh, “sophisticated chic” look or a more retro yet still interesting look. The Aries is the first sign in the zodiac cycle and this means they’re usually energetic and forceful. They can’t stand letting things go wrong and don’t like it when people fail to follow what they say.

The slick back ponytail is the ultimate bad boy hairstyle. It exudes confidence and power. It’s perfect for Aries, so you should totally wear it.

There’s a lot to try when it comes to hairstyles. From updos to undercuts, there are plenty of fun and creative styles. But if you want a style that will keep the good vibes coming your way, try sporting a slick back ponytail. It’s the perfect look for an Aries.

Aries, the first sign of the zodiac, is known for its fiery passion. It often prefers to live spontaneously. The slick back ponytail fits this creative and fun-loving personality perfectly. A great short hairstyle for your ram to rock this year.

People born under the zodiac sign Aries are known to be quite hotheaded, but you have a chance to display a more gentle and harmless side when you try out this hairstyle. It puts emphasis on your strong facial features and exudes confidence and character.

Style this slick back ponytail to show off your fun-loving, adventurous style. It’s a quick and easy look to pull off too! This hairstyle will suit every hair type and face shape so no matter what you’re rocking now, you can always switch it up with this hairstyle next time you’re at the parlor!

Aries are bold and aggressive. Hair reflects these qualities and should be strong and self-assured. You can try ponytail in a slicked back style because it will make you look professional at work and still sassy at night.

The devil may care attitude of the Aries is expressed by this hairstyle. It’s done simply, easily and straight forward. However, it doesn’t mean that it is boring or dull. You’ll be turning quite a few heads with this look.

8. Gemini: Short sleek bob

The short sleek bob is the classic cut for a Gemini. It’s the kind of haircut that you can wear with pride, and rock out with confidence. This cool , and I mean really cool , haircut will boost your personality by about fifty percent. It will certainly place you in the spotlight and make everybody around you pay attention to you. This is not just because of how good it looks on you, but also because of how much it flatters your facial features.

Geminis need to keep their hair simple and easy as they have many projects going on at once. A short sleek bob is not only simple and easy, but it’s also very flattering on those cheeky faces of yours.

It is important for you to keep your appearance neat and sophisticated like a gem. I think short sleek bob hairstyle will best suit your personality. This look will help you maintain an adequate amount of control over the high spirit that you have always had. It will also help you unleash the zest for styling that is just so uniquely yours.

I say with surety the Gemini women need to keep their bob short. Do not let them have any time to think about the length of their hair because it will grow, and become problematic for them. Gemini women should also avoid layers in their hair.

I have been a long time fan of Gemini hairstyles. If all Geminis choose to go short with their hair, they are the most varied sign in appearance that way. Short, short long sleek, the gamut is there. Take your pick!

To the Gemini, life is one big party. This sign craves adventure and anything glamorous tends to be right up their alley. If you are a Gemini, you may have two or three different hairstyles at any given time, the only requirement being that they are short!

Gemini, you should try the layered lob as it has a fun vibe. It’s modern and has a little bit of edginess to it. You always love something new and cutting edge so this hairstyle will definitely do that for you.

A short sleek bob might not have been perfect for the Queen of England, but it is definitely a great style if you are a Gemini. When you have thin hair, it’s important to style it in a way that can showcase your best features. Most hairstylists will tell you that shorter styles tend to help make thin hair appear thicker because even the longest pieces look shorter when paired with short hair.

Gemini, you’re the intellectual sign of the zodiac. You love to learn and gather information from all sides. Your sharp wit gives you an intelligent edge to the other 12 signs in the zodiac. Since you like to be on your toes, a short sleek bob haircut is ideal for someone like you! It’s modern, fun and fits your active lifestyle.

9. Taurus: Beach waves

If you are a Taurus, then you probably don’t like to follow the crowd or change things up too much. You’re very content with the way things are and you like to live in the security of your own little bubble. This can make it hard for you to break out of your routine, but it might be time to do something different. Ditch those loose curls and boring buns for a new style this summer that’s fun and flirty: beach waves!

Taurus is the second astrological sign in the Zodiac, and it begins between April 20 and May 20. The Taurus horoscope sign is ruled by the planet Venus and brings out your sensual side. It’s interesting to note that Taureans usually possess a generous amount of body fat due to their love for food. This is true for some celebrities who have Taurean zodiac signs. So you can probably guess which hairstyle goes well with Taurus: beach waves.

Taurus, since you love massages and relaxing, why not try out the beach waves hairstyle? The loose tousled waves are the perfect hairstyle for a Taurus. The untamable locks create a free-spirited look on your personality. The beach waves are definitely suited for the Taurus personality.

As a Taurus woman, I like to stay ahead of the runway trends. So, when it comes to trying new hairstyles, I’m always looking for something edgy, unique, and not too mainstream. That’s why beach waves have always attracted my attention.

Taurus, you love your luxuries. You’re often seen adorning yourself with jewelry of all kinds and adore looking good for others (just as long as you get to choose how). This is the same when it comes to adding a little bit of style to your hair. It may take you longer, but you’ll do whatever it takes for beautiful hair that everyone will be jealous of.

Taureans are known for their stability and loyalty. They also love comfort, pleasure, and luxury — meaning they’d fit right in at the beach. Take some time this summer to let your curls (or straight hair) air dry. While beach waves don’t work on everyone, your thick, shoulder-length hair would look pretty cute with some texture added by the sand, sea, and sun.

10. Cancer: Relaxed waves

Cancer gets a bad wrap for being clingy and needy but I have to admit, they are really just lovable. Cancers are also adorable in their own way (in my opinion). They love lounging around the house in cozy pajamas, eating junk food, and watching Netflix. The Cancer Zodiac sign has raven curly hair cut short and they tend to wash it once a week or every two weeks. They slick it back and let if fly freely and rarely style their hair. When they do style it though, I prefer that they wear it in relaxed waves.

Cancer, your tendency to want to carry other people’s burdens as your own, has made you very compassionate and empathetic. You are a kind and caring person that always wants to help others and dedicate yourself to a greater cause. This is probably why you should try relaxed beach waves for your hair.

When we talk about landscape, the Cancer baby is always a part of everyone’s imagination. I personally know a Cancer whose beach-waves are admired by all even if they don’t belong to this particular zodiac sign. Cancer people are in love with their hair, and they always have perfect hairstyles…unlike others in zodiac signs. Cancers are full of creativity which can be seen through their amazing hairstyles.

The beautiful thing about natural waves is that they look completely different on each individual, and that’s why relaxed waves are so awesome. Also, for most of the day, you don’t have to do anything to them. They don’t require much maintenance either. But despite not having to do much work, the relaxed waves are very stylish.

11. Leo: Voluminous curls

When it comes to hair, the Leo likes to keep it big. And nothing is bigger than voluminous curls. They look great both in casual and formal occasions and are flattering to different face shapes. Add some color and accessories for a bold look that’s sure to turn heads.

Are you a Leo? This means that you’re an extrovert and your ruling planet is the Sun. The best hairstyle for someone like you would be a voluminous curly hairstyle. Ombre hair dye and highlights help complement the relaxed curls that frame your face perfectly.

Leos are bold and courageous. They seek leadership roles and don’t like to be outshined. Naturally, Leos will want hairstyles that flatter their face shape, make them stand out, and look fierce. Voluminous curls are great for adding body, height, and sex appeal.

There aren’t many hairstyles that can bring out the lion in people, but a lot of people have been able to achieve it with voluminous curls. This hairstyle gives you an amazing look that makes you stand out from the techno crowd. It also brings a sense of freedom and confidence to everyone who tries it.

Leos love attention and a hairstyle that delights their audience is the best way to get their affection. Voluminous curls will show off your large cranium in all its glory without making you look like a clown.

It doesn’t matter if you have long, short, curly or straight hair. If you are a Leo, I would love to get my hands on that hairstyle. The reason is, it just suits Leo’s persona. Of course, this look would not be easy for anyone but with the right cut and styling product to get the effect you want, it can be pulled off easily.

Leo women have what it takes to be great but they always need to stand out and be noticed. So, why not trying daring curly hairstyles with a collection of soft tresses as back up?

12. Virgo: Glam messy bun

Virgos are busy individuals who enjoy all of the luxuries of staying glamorous and looking good. Nevertheless, today’s Virgos are also keen on carefreeness, which is why they will be most attracted to this Glam Messy Bun hairstyle. This cute hairstyle is nothing but a messy bun with lots of volume and a curly bang resting on your face.

Virgo is a sign of analysis, precision, and perfection. Hair care is no exception for this sign and Virgo prefers hairstyles that are not too complicated. A messy bun is so good for this sign since it is easy to do (not complicated), cute, and suits almost any occasion.

Virgos are known to be perfectionists. Their approach to everything is methodical, detail-oriented and analytical. Well, would you look at that! That sounds like a great match for a sexy messy bun.

Virgo’s are known for being very organized but we recommend a little chaos every now and then. For your next date night or girls’ night, dress up in an elegant but messy bun (like the one below). I guarantee everyone will compliment you on how chic it looks.

Virgos are excellent at being practical. The messier the bun, the higher the glamour quotient. Be sure to use lots of hair spray or gel for this look.

Virgos are the most practical among all signs. They have a natural talent in managing things and their meticulousness can be inspiring at times; it’s one of their most appealing characteristics. Virgo is represented by the Virgin and they like to do things properly without causing any trouble. Virgo’s youthful look is a messy bun pulled tightly on top of the head.

Virgos work hard, but it’s important to have fun while you’re doing it. The glam messy bun is a good style for Virgo because you can have your hair up without anyone noticing how hard you’re working!

These razor-sharp perfectionists want to look polished at all times, so they need hairstyles that are easy to maintain without compromising on style. The best hair style for Virgo is a glam messy bun. This takes very little maintenance, and still looks great.

Virgos are perfectly imperfect. You’re indecisive, fussy, and nothing really seems to get done properly except with a lot of effort. Luckily your tresses can look like you tried even when you didn’t. All you need is an updo, in this case a glam messy bun that will keep the hair on top of your head out of the way while leaving your kinks on bottom hanging loose for easy maintenance while looking all kinds of gorgeous.

Virgos love making everything look neat and clean. But for times you just want to go with the flow, try this glam messy bun. You’ll look sexy yet relaxed!

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