How to Take Epic Selfies: With Illustration Video

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Photography and taking selfies is becoming a bigger and bigger trend. Anyone can take a selfie, but only the best selfies go viral. Sure, you can take a good selfie with your iPhone, but what if you want to take the best selfies possible? Here are some tips for taking bomb selfies!

A bomb selfie, or an epic selfie may be worth more than the sum of its parts if it has enough likes on social media platforms. Does that sound wrong? Let’s see if we can demystify this whole process of taking a selfie-bomb and learn some new tricks.

Taking selfies has been a worldwide phenomenon for quite some time now. And with a number of leaked photos and videos on the Internet, you are always wondering how to take great selfies. While taking selfies seems easy, it turns out that there is an art to it. A few technical details that you need to pay attention to when taking selfies make all the difference between looking good or looking awful.


    If you’re wondering how to take a great selfie, you should pose in front of a window. Really, it works! If you have a light source behind your back, you will create a very nice shadow and your face will automatically stand out. The next time I take a selfie I will definitely try it out.

    Posing in front of a window can help create a source of light and remove any harsh shadows that you may otherwise have gotten. It also helps with setting the exposure levels right for your face.

    When it comes to taking selfies, posing in front of a window is one of the most flattering ways to do so. The light shining in the background will make your face look more defined and brighter.

    Posing at a window is great because not only do you get natural light but you also get an interesting background. Bonus points if there are plants outside your window.

    There is something with lighting that makes your selfies look stunning in front of a window. In fact, it’s been proven that portraits taken in front of a window are more likely to get you a like than photos of you without any interior background. Try it out for yourself, I’ve bet you’ll see the difference.

    use natural light
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    Start by trying out different angles to find the one that works for you. If you’re taking amazing selfies then this step won’t be a problem.

    If you take a selfie with your phone while lying down, not only are you incorporating the beautiful background of nature or water but you can also hide your face if you want to. This gives you an illusion that you don’t have a face while still capturing a great photo. Give it a try and amaze your friends!

    Deciding on the right angle will make you look attractive, confident and happy – even if that selfie just included you and your three BFFs at a snap-happy hour.

    Capturing the perfect angle is an art. You want to ensure that you’re covering your face completely, without any blemishes.

    find your angle
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    The last tip to help you take great selfies is to go portrait. Most people stick with the landscape display because it fills the wide-angle lens of their smartphones. Yet by cropping in to take a portrait style shot, you can eliminate unneeded background information and focus on the most flattering aspect of your appearance.

    The same principle goes for flipped selfies: if you’re trying to plan out the best way to trim a photo before you post it, the portrait display gives you a 2:1 ratio that makes more sense than the standard 1:1 ratio of smartphone screens.

    Here is where things get a little more tricky, but stay with me because it’s going to be worth it. If you want better selfies, you need to learn how to take photos in portrait mode. It might sound overly-technical, but it really isn’t.

    If you don’t know what “portrait” means, you could be missing out. When taking a photo (selfie or otherwise), your camera has two settings: 1) horizontal (landscape), 2) vertical (portrait). If you’re like me, you almost always choose horizontal because of some misguided notion that it makes you look thinner. But stick with me here, portrait is the way to go.

    go portrait
    Credits @miksantossss

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