Mistakes to Avoid While Buying a Diamond Jewelry for Your Girlfriend

Do you want to make her feel special on her birthday? Is that a diamond ring on your mind or a diamond necklace? Imagine the smile on her face when she flaunts the diamond set at parties and occasions. Will it make you happy?

You need to buy precious stones from authentic brands for that special smile. And don’t forget to go through their frequently asked questions segment before placing an order. For instance, if you wish to buy a garnet from a brand, you can understand its background by going through the brand’s FAQ section of the stone. So, when you gift it to your special one, you can impress her by telling her about the stone’s rarity.

Diamond shopping can be an exhilarating experience as there are insane numbers of stones to choose from. Moreover, with the high price tag of diamonds, it is obvious to feel stressed out. With all the confusion, pressures, and emotions involved in diamond shopping, anyone can make a wrong purchase decision. To help you, we have gathered a list of buying mistakes that you should avoid.

Common Mistakes People Make While Buying Diamonds

Shopping isn’t easy as there are thousands of sellers with a wide variety. Never let the pressure of availability make a wrong shopping decision. Here is a list of don’ts of diamond shopping that is crucial to avoid for an intelligent purchasing experience.

Don’t Confuse Carat With Size

Most buyers confuse carats with the size of the stone. Carat is the weight of the stone. You can decide the size of the stone as per the design of the jewelry. 

Diamonds Are Available in Many Color

Most diamond jewelry flaunted on the internet is clear crystal diamond, but that doesn’t mean that they are colorless. You can find your choice of color in the diamond. For instance, garnet is a red-colored diamond. Diamonds are available in 12 base colors, including brown, purple, green, and yellow.

Don’t Buy From Any Store

There are thousands of diamond stores globally, but not all sell authentic diamonds. A branded diamond store will assure you of the diamond quality with certification. You can also expect them to provide a lifetime warranty on your purchase. So before buying a diamond, research the brand, study its website, and check the reviews.

Don’t Ignore the Cut of the Diamond

When buying a diamond, ask for the cut grade. A higher cut grade diamond will have an eye-catching sparkle. Diamond with the cut grading scale between D and F is believed to have nice color and clarity. 

If you are unsure about the cut grade, you can read online frequently asked questions about diamond cuts and get a better idea. Online forums discuss everything in detail about everything. So, you can take time and do some research before placing an order.

Don’t Negotiate the Price

There is no point in negotiating the price of the diamond as the prices are set by De Beers, an International Corporation that specializes in diamond mining. There is little or almost no margin for a bargain. However, you can always seek discounts in crafting a ring or necklace with diamonds.

Let us assume the diamond seller agrees to negotiate, but chances are high for the diamond to be of low quality. Diamonds are pretty expensive, and you may be spending your three-month salary on them. You surely don’t want to buy anything that is not worth it.

Don’t Rush purchase

Take your time to go through all available options and select the diamond that meets your requirements. Always consider the preference of the person you are buying the gem for. Consider color, size, and shape when placing an order. A rush purchase can lead to the wrong order.

Consider Her Choice

So you probably want to surprise your special one with a diamond ring. But what if she doesn’t like it or already has some other design in mind? In that case, ask her friends or family if they have any idea. Or check her Pinterest board; better yet, check her Instagram’s save collection; maybe you will find something there.

Tell her you need to buy one for your mother or sister and ask for her choice. To make her job easy, you can shortlist some diamonds and ask her to select any. It will help you buy the right diamond for your lady. After all, you are spending a lot, so she must love it. Now, you are all set to make the big purchase. Remember, diamonds are forever. They are expensive and precious. Buying diamond jewelry calls for acute attention to quality, size, color, and certification. It is essential to take time before making a final purchase. We hope the article will help you in making the right purchase decision. Good Luck!

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