Modest or Hijab Friendly Outfits| With Video Illustration

modest or hijab friendly outfits

When one thinks of hijabs, one thinks of outfits that are oversized and unflattering, with a specific focus on head covering. There is always that one friend who decides to take up hijab and suddenly, all her hip and edgy outfits (the ones that attract others to her) go out of the window because she is no longer comfortable wearing them. She wears the infamous white “Muslima” attire: jeggings, loose tunics and long cardigans. Everyone goes through this phase; no one escapes it.

However, modest or hijab friendly outfits are now becoming more and more popular. Garments are becoming available for Muslim women that are not too revealing, while at the same time being fashionable and allowing them to be comfortable and confident in how they dress. Muslim women can still find what they like while also dressing modestly, making it easier for them to feel confident about themselves as well as their outfits.

With the right hijab friendly clothes, it is easy to keep up with fashion trends and style while remaining modest. There are a lot of benefits that come with selecting your own unique hijab-friendly clothing because it makes it easier to be fashionable and maintain your Islamic standards for modest dress at the same time.

Being fashionable means a lot different things to different women. It is all about what feels comfortable and looks good on your body. After years of searching for something that I like, I have compiled a list of some hijab friendly outfits that are trendy and affordable.

1. Tomboy

Tomboy clothes are usually loose clothes that are comfortable and easy to put on. Tomboy styles for clothing tend to be more athletic and straight-cut with no flared or puffy skirts. Also, if the clothes have drawstrings of elastic, take them out and tuck them in!

If you have a closet full of denim, plaid shirts, and boots, you are all set. This look can be worn with almost any type of shoes in addition to boots.

You can style your favorite pants and shorts which are even more comfortable in the hot seasons. You can also wear a vintage dress with pants.

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2. Chic

I love wearing t-shirts and jeans. We all love when they’re comfy and chic at the same time. You don’t have to look messy in your street style outfit. In fact, you can look incredibly stylish with correct hijab wear, black hoodie, casual denim style and a tucked-in half sleeve shirt.

Bold flared jeans are one of the main pieces of clothing that can be used for street wear or casual wear in general. Tucking-in a half sleeve patterned shirt can turn a basic t-shirt into something stylish weaved with elegance.

You don’t have to think about whether your boobs look good in those jeans that are a tiny bit too tight because that doesn’t matter!

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3. Baggy

Baggy clothes are easier to wear and hijab friendly. The idea behind baggy outfits is to avoid wearing something too tight that can reveal a lot of details of your body which is not suitable for the Muslim culture.

The best way for making a baggy look is to wear wide legged pants. You can wear long shirts that go past your waist as well, but should be loose fitting and draped. This would make sure that no parts of your body are accentuated while wearing clothes. There are a number of long and loose fitting tops that can be worn underneath a coat or cardigan without showing too much.

You could put on loose pants with a baggy sweater or shirt on top of them. Wear big clothes in the colors that you want but widen your look by wearing loose clothing.

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4. Edgy

Start off by looking for the most punkish clothes you can find. They need to be baggy and you will also want something that looks like it’s from the 80s or 90s.

You can easily use the clothes you already have to wear outfits without having to buy any new ones. And even if you decide that it is time for buying an additional set of stylish and trendy modest outfit, then there are plenty of ways on how you can do that. You don’t need to force yourself into buying the more expensive options, because there are good quality pieces out there for a reasonable price.

A simple but edgy look would be a leather jacket with an oversized shirt or top and midi skirt . Make sure you pair this look with black boots or oxford shoes . To spice things a little, you can go for a nude or natural color cosmetics such as foundation and lipstick.

credits @mmivia

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