“No Makeup” Makeup: How to Video Tutorial

Time needed: 5 minutes.

I’m sure that most of you have heard of the “no makeup” makeup trend that has been popular for a little while now. It’s basically when someone puts on just enough makeup to make it look like they don’t have any on at all. It sounds a little strange at first, but believe me the look is growing on me. Have you ever wondered how people achieve this look? Well today I thought I would show you exactly how I do it in the easiest possible way – a video.

“No Makeup” Makeup is a fun and versatile look. It’s for women who want to skip the foundation but don’t want their skin to go without coverage. This look is perfect for occasions where you want to look groomed but natural, or when you don’t have time to fully put on your makeup.

“No Makeup” make-up? Huh? That’s right! No actual makeup, but instead a way to create the natural, freshly-woke-up look. But this isn’t for just looks, but this look can make you feel better too! This will not only be a great natural beauty regime for you, but it will help boost your confidence and overall mood as well.

If you love a good “no makeup” makeup tutorial, you understand how having the right toolkit can make or break the DIY. And even if you don’t love “no makeup” makeup tutorials, I bet you still want to know what products work best for achieving the look. With this video and helpful tips, I think you’ll find it easier than ever to master the “no makeup” look.

  1. Hydro flex Serum Foundation

    In order to achieve this no make up look, I’ve used the Hydro Flex serum foundation. This foundation is meant to be a moisturizing foundation that helps your skin operate on a cellular level. It uses Hydro-Flex Technology, and fills in the lines on your face creating a smoother, more youthful appearance.

    This foundation delivers a smooth finish without feeling heavy or flaky. It’s even formulated with antioxidants, which help to combat free radicals that contribute to premature aging.

    The Hydro Flex Serum Foundation is a liquid makeup that has been created to help prevent moisture loss in the skin. With this oil free foundation, you won’t have to worry about oily blotches or dried out patches. This foundation will work well with different kinds of skin, including dry and oily skin types.

  2. Breezy Cream Blush

    Breezy and fresh, this cream blush is a gorgeously feminine makeup trick. All you need is a little highlighter (who doesn’t love highlighter?) and your favorite moisturizer to achieve this glowing effect. Be sure to watch the video for the full demonstration!

    Cream blushes are great for no makeup days because they’re super easy to apply and look natural. This tutorial is perfect for those who want a dewy, fresh face without doing much work at all!

    It goes perfectly with the “no makeup” makeup look where you use subtle colors that highlight your features and I wouldn’t also say its a perfect look for school if you didn’t want to use any foundation, just a little bit of concealer.

  3. Blend

    “No makeup” makeup blending requires a top-notch make-up application. Let this Colorado based makeup pro smooth out your complexion making it look as natural and fresh as when you were born!

    Blending is arguably the most important part of getting a full, beautiful look. Just ask your favorite instagram makeup gurus, and they can probably tell you the one thing that holds them back from being “the next big thing”. Seriously, if you look at any makeup guru you can probably figure out what makes them different from the rest – their ability to blend!

    Flaunt your flawless face with this guide on how to get “no makeup” makeup. What does it really take to look like you wear no makeup when you want a natural, glowing look? I’ll tell you how to create that supermodel skin.

  4. Final Look: Express Yourself

    The look is pretty simple, and even easier to achieve. The non-makeup makeup look is exactly how it sounds, a natural, less made up version of your everyday face.

    This “no makeup” makeup final look has become a staple in the beauty industry. This is because it not only makes women feel beautiful, but shows the truth behind modern day makeup: anyone can have good skin.

    This is the most basic, natural looking makeup look for women. It’s perfect for a day look or for newbie makeup lovers.

Here’s the Full Video Tutorial


“No makeup” Makeup tutorial

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