Pose Ideas with Your BFFs: Trio Edition

I am sure you have lots of amazing photos with your girlfriends that were snapped at the last party, or during one of those vacation trips. But do you know how to perfectly frame each and every shot with your besties?

You’ve taken professional photos with your BFFs in the past, but you now want to take it up a notch by being distinctive with your poses! For those of us who are not professionally trained models, getting the perfect pose is tedious.

Snap your besties the perfect selfie. Wedding photo? Have some fun with your bridesmaids. Birthdays, vacations, and any day pic? Find some inspiration in these awesome poses that will help you kickstart your photo sessions.

Picture poses with groups of girls is always a bit challenging because posed pictures are never as natural as they appear. Here is an interactive guide to some of the most popular poses for group photos, along with ideas for settings and backdrops if you want to get creative.

1. The gang walk

It is a great time to take photo with your BFFs by using the gang walk pose. The gang walk pose consists of you and your friends walking together almost look like a group with the same model or celebrities in a photo shoot on the streets. The pose is not that easy to pose. It takes time and practice to learn how to pose it. But once you get it, then you can do it easily as I do remember those times we are trying to be so serious while doing that pose.

The gang walk pose is a great way to showcase all your best friends. This gives the photo a sense of action and keeps things interesting. It also adds a nice contrast to the photo. Pick a good spot for this type of photo.

The gang walk pose is a very popular pose for senior girls. It’s a great photo idea, especially if you have a large number of people in your senior group. It works best for groups that have more than 2 people in them, as the title suggests, but I’ve also seen versions with just two people walking side by side.

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2. One below 2 above

A “2 above / 1 below” photo pose is all about the “3 musketeers” attitude : you, your best friend and the two of you have to stand as tall as possible. You can be photographed in 3 ways : from above, looking down and from a lower angle. A “1 above / 2 below” photo pose is also called a “king with servants”. It’s the exact opposite : one person is standing up while the other two are sitting or lying on the floor. The one above should be standing with his/her arms raised while looking down.

One below two above pose is a must-have pose for you. The catchy name of this pose allowed me to quickly understand what it’s about.

This is one of my favorite poses because in my opinion, it’s one of the cutest and most adorable group photos. It can be very easy to set up, which makes it very appealing for new photographers or those who prefer not to take a lot of time in setting up photos.

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3. Hold hands like triplets

Having fun taking photos with your best friends? Pose like the triplets and hold hands together. This is one of my favorite photo poses to do in groups.

Have you ever wanted to take the ultimate photo with your BFFs? Not necessarily a picture, but an experience that would be something useful for the big headlines up on Hollywood’s Walk of Fame…How about posing like triplets? I’m not talking about you wearing a white dress with matching bows in your hair.

When it comes to taking photos with friends, we sometimes get a bit lost in what pose to take. You know, something that isn’t too awkward or doesn’t make you feel like you’re trying too hard to pose… How about a triplet pose?

Now if you are anything like me and my besties, your group of girls often comes up with goofy ideas. One of my favorite scenarios to do is to line us all up in a row, hold hands or arms, make pouty faces and snap a few pics. Make sure you have some silly props on hand too – wigs, crowns or fake mustaches are cute options!

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4. Make a diagonal

If you stand two of your BFFs side by side and get them to make a diagonal pose, there’s no doubt that the picture will turn out awesome. This is one of the most common poses for a selfie (there are other kinds of selfies too, but the kind with friends in them I like to call selfies).

This is a cute way to pose with your friends. Take pictures while walking or standing on stairs. I believe the best place you can do this kind of photo prank is during night times because it will be easier to see the street lamps and lights better than if you are trying to take pictures during broad daylight.

A soft but strong diagonal line can produce a sense of motion and flow and help highlight one of your points of interest. By placing all the subjects at different points on the diagonal, no one will be staring directly at the camera.

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5. Hug one another

Hugging is something that can be so intimate that it makes your heart warm and you can’t really control it. It’s a simple, cool and beautiful picture pose for friends.

How’s this for a pose idea. Hug one another! What better way to express that you’re grateful for your friendship than by posing in a genuine embrace of friendship with your best friend(s)? Often, when people pose together, they are focused on taking the perfect picture, that they forget the reason they should be taking their photo in the first place.

To capture memories of their special place and time spent with their friends. Here you can see some unusual photograph ideas using props or poses that give your photos an added touch making them more fun and interesting.

Whether you’re new friends or besties, this hug photo pose idea is a great one, especially for those who are just getting to know each other. As they say, hugs are a great way to relieve stress after a long day, so if you and your BFF need de-stressing, this idea can help you do just that.

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6. Make a train

This is one of the easiest and most popular poses because it’s natural, simple, and fun to do. Firstly have you and your BFFs stand facing each other with arms out and legs crossed as if you were making a train.

Posing with your besties is awesome, but there’s a lot of variety you should explore when posing with your BFFs. One idea is the Train Pose. You can do this by making an archway out of your bodies and crossing your arms at the end of it or holding one hand in the middle to represent the engine as seen below. Another way is by simply getting in a linear line and holding hands using one hand on your waist for balance.

Train is one of the more popular photo pose ideas for a group of girls. And there’s a reason for that – it’s such fun! You could do it at the beach, at your local park, or just in your own bedroom. Hang up some streamers and make sure you have plenty of confetti on hand.

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7. Peek a boo

Peek a boo pose is the most fun you can have with your two bffs. The idea in a photo shoot is to create natural, fun and easygoing images. The outcome is versatile pictures that you can use for several different occasions: social media profile pictures, friendship goals, etc.

Peek a boo pose is fantastic and you don’t need to spend too much time on it. You can just make sure that you are working in a field of vision such that your head is slightly encroached by a wall, fence or something else which will force the other person to look at you from below.

I’m sure that we have all posed for the popular “Peek a boo pose.” This is probably where you jump into the picture as the other person tries to take a photo. This photo pose requires both of you to be in motion. So, make sure your BFF is ready before you start snapping away! You can use your camera’s timer or your smartphone’s self-timer (Tip: Frankly, it’s a lot easier with a smartphone).

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8. Lean forward for close up

Alright, for a photo that you’re sharing with your friends on social media sites like Facebook and Instagram, you want to lean forward. This type of image is meant for small viewing areas on these sites, so the eyes of the people looking at it will naturally look towards the closest object. If you’re sitting with a group of people, turn your shoulders slightly and face towards the people in the inner circle.

Get everyone into the shot for a big group pic, then lean back from the camera so you (and whoever else is in the back) are partially out of the image. This creates a wider shot that showcases smiles and looks great.

What a fun way to do a photoshoot — lean forward together. This pose looks especially good if your friends are similar in height then you. If they are much shorter than you, I might consider adjusting the lens instead. Or just put them in high heels!

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