Poses for A Selfie Timer or Video: With Video Illustration!

On the Internet, you will find a lot of photographs or videos that are tagged with “pose”, “posing”, “selfie” or related to it. Why? This is because people take photos of themselves, usually by using smartphone and a timer function. Some take selfies instead, which means taking pictures of their own image reflected from mirrors or surrounding objects. But when taking these kind of photos, it is not only important to look pretty or handsome while snapping a selfie but also how well you can pose for the camera.

Selfies are getting more and more popular nowadays and snapping a shot of yourself is nowadays considered as a trill thing to do. Because of this, there are now apps on the market created mainly or solely on this idea. One other of their features is that they have timers, so there will be no need for you to look down at your watch or phone to see how much time is left before an automatic photo is taken.

With everyone taking selfies today, it is important to have a good idea about the correct poses for a selfie. How you will look on your picture is slightly affected by how you pose. It would be best to know the general poses that work best. Most of the people are not aware about this and end up having poor photos.

Pose for a selfie timer is more difficult than one might think. To appear perky, proper and just plain right about being yourself you want to find the perfect pose. These photos are what we call “selfies” and they look better if you don’t just stand there when you take them. Here are some of the easiest poses that will make you look good in the pictures.

1. Look over your shoulder

Just like with pictures, selfies are also better when you look over your shoulder. This allows the photographer to capture the background in a way that makes it seem like you’re part of the environment. It really completes the shot and adds something special to it.

With your phone still on the ground, get your hands up above head level and look over your left shoulder with a slight upward tilt of your neck. If you are posing for a selfie, you will need to align yourself somewhere in the viewfinder, away from your feet. Your goal is to see minimal angles that you don’t like.

Do not stare directly into the camera, even if you are on your own. It’s too revealing: instead, look over your shoulder as if you know exactly what’s going to happen next. You’ll look mysterious without being awkward, and let’s face it: that’s pretty cool.

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2. One shoulder up

The selfie has become an art form, practiced by young and old alike. One key element to the perfect selfie is knowing how to pose for a selfie timer or video. To master the art of the selfie, you need to understand the best parts of your body which will be most visible in your selfies so that you can highlight them properly when posing for pictures.

Most of the time you see people taking selfies, they’ll only remove their arm from their face. And while that portrait-type shot is flattering, you can take it up a notch by showing off another side of your shoulders in your selfies and videos. By simply adjusting one arm and leaving the other on your waist, you are creating a diagonal line that flattens your body instead of an hourglass shape. It will make yourself look thinner, tanner, and sexier while also framing your face at the same time.

In no time, the selfie timer will act as an extension of yourself. All you have to remember is to take one shoulder up and your arm to the waist and you are good to go!

credits @xomelrous

3. Crossed Arm

Yes, the crossed arm is a good shot too. It’s because your face is angled towards the camera and you’re making direct eye contact with whoever is taking the photo or filming.

Crossed arms show that you’re relaxed, confident, and less confrontational. Crossed arms can increase levels of security and reduce confrontation. This can be a great pose for a selfie timer if you feel like your subject may have had enough of holding the camera in front of her face.

The second step is to cross one of your arms. Instead of crossing your left arm in front of your right, we are going to reverse it and cross your right arm in front of your left. This will place the majority of the body weight on one leg instead of having a more even distribution. The leg you are standing on should be bent at least somewhat but not too much.

credits @xomelrous

4. Play with your hair

While jumping or dancing is a good way to show your energy, it might not be the most professional pose. Standing still while smiling is great, but playing with your hair or using props is even better. Practice striking different poses and use the self timer or video application to help you get started.

Put your hair back or side, or twist it up and make it high. Take a selfie timer or video to make sure that your hair is looking flawless. If you’re not sure of what angle to take the selfie at, just go ahead and add that to your list of likes! You can also pull some faces as well!

I would recommend playing around with all sorts of different looks — especially if your camera is set to a timer. Start by curling pieces of your hair, if you have straight hair or vice versa; experiment with hair ties, head bands and clips; try braiding it, curling the ends, and wrapping sections around your hand. Remember that the whole point is to look effortlessly cute as opposed to fidgeting like a weirdo. Keep that in mind!

credits @xomelrous

5. Smile

One of the more important steps of taking a Selfie is ensuring you are smiling. Ideally, you want to have the biggest smile possible even if your head looks like it’s being crushed by a cinder block. The bigger the better as long as your eyes aren’t closed.

A smile says it all. Step back and get a good look at yourself in the mirror. Take a selfie and check out your facial expression. Try smiling with your mouth wide open and then turn up the edges of your mouth so that you only show the bottom half of your teeth. Which one looks better?

The last thing you want when taking a selfie is to have your face twisted in a grimace. Smiling is important. Practice smiling today. Even if it feels awkward, practice with a mirror. The next time you take a selfie, you will be ready.

credits @xomelrous

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