Pumpkin Patch Photo Ideas: With A Video Guide Illustration!

It is that time of the year again. The weather is getting cooler and there are all sorts of produce showing up at markets and grocery stores. As we welcomed in fall we also waved goodbye to the growing season, but there is one last hurrah! There are still bounties of fresh produce before winter and one of those fruits is pumpkins!

In honor of pumpkin you should take some time to think about what your own pumpkin patch photo ideas are and get going on them so you can be ready for this upcoming fall season.

There is never a full stop to what you can do with the pumpkin patch photos. You can use them as your profile pictures on these social media sites. You could even give it as a gift to your loved ones this season. In fact, if I were to rate the fun factor of Pumpkin Patch Photos , it will surely have an “out of five” stars rating of five. This is because everyone who gets tagged in one of those photos is sure to have a great time.

There are many fun and creative pumpkin patch photo ideas you can use to capture the best moments of your fall experience! With a bit of imagination, simple props and a few creative poses, you will soon have adorable pictures of you both in front of the patch and having a great time. Here we go!

1. Sitting with pumpkins

Sitting with pumpkins? Yes, I really mean that. So many people don’t realize how important it is to think about the arrangement of your pumpkins and get creative with them, instead of standing them up.

Picking the perfect pumpkins for your pumpkin patch photos can be a little tricky. You want to find ones that align with the vibe, style or genre of photography you are doing.

Posing with pumpkins isn’t hard. Because… well, pumpkins aren’t going anywhere. Sure, they may roll a bit, but you can usually catch them before they head for the ground. They are sturdier than you’d think even if you’ve ever dropped one on your foot. You may want to be a bit careful going trick-or-treating though because if your haul is too heavy the pumpkins might just crack.

credits @paulinehaydee

2. Kicking up leg

Want to know the secret on how to pose for fall photos at a pumpkin patch? It’s all about the leg kick! I promise this really works and makes your photos look super cute.

A pumpkin patch photo just isn’t complete without a classic kicking of the legs out pose. But don’t just do it standing up. Bend at your waist and lift one leg up in the air with your arms extended as if you are running. Pull the other leg towards to ground and extend it out and away from you.

Kicking your leg up that high and throwing your hands in the air is absolutely essential. Without these elements, your pumpkin picture will feel lifeless, dead even. The two quick kicks followed by an emphatic raising of the hands will produce a pose that is both professional and seductive.

credits @paulinehaydee

3. Hay bale sitting

If you pay attention to all the Instagram accounts that post about their pumpkin patch adventures, you’ll notice two things: they all seem to use Snapchat Filters and they are all sitting on a bale of hay!

I always highly recommend sitting on a bale of hay rather than directly on the ground. Hay is soft and makes you look cozy. It blends with the colors and textures in your background.

You don’t need a bale of hay on each photo, but sitting on a couple can really add character to the photos. It’s all about balancing out your pose and showing how comfortable you are in front of the camera by making subtle hand positions and slight body shifts.

credits @paulinehaydee

4. Pumpkin head

Smile and get, if you please, your most photogenic pumpkin patch pose on with a pumpkin on your head. The only trick to this step is finding a pumpkin that fits your hairstyle and color scheme in your favorite hat or scarf.

All right, keep those toes pointed and your arm above your head. And bend both knees and lean forward a little. Use your other hand to adjust the pumpkin so it’s not blocking your face. Go ahead and get down on your knees now if you want – just try to stay balanced and don’t fall.

Don’t complain, just do it. This really is the best way to ensure that your pumpkin patch photos will be the cutest photos you’ve ever taken.

credits @paulinehaydee

5. Sit on a giant pumpkin

Now, by giant pumpkins I mean pretty large pumpkins. Not enormous obelisk pumpkins. Just a good, stable pumpkin that you feel will hold and support your weight. Not so large that the camera man won’t be able to take the picture from a reasonable distance without having to get up close and personal (this is supposed to be a photo of YOU)…and most importantly, one that you can sit on comfortably without shoes or other pesky accessories in the way.

 You may be surprised that I have you move around and interact with objects in the scene, but the fact of the matter is, you will not be moving too much during your photo shoot. This will give the photographer an opportunity to choose more creative angles and backgrounds while understanding where you are in relation to your surroundings.

The trick with this photo is to get the pumpkin perfectly centered in the frame. This photo will require an assistant who can position the pumpkin and hold it firmly in that position while you sit down on it and make your adorable face. You can also balance yourself as you strike your poses.

credits @paulinehaydee

An Illustration video!

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