Walking Photo Prompts to Do With your Boo: With Video Illustration

What if taking a picture wasn’t just about taking a picture but rather about the story that is behind it? A photo can be worth more than a thousand words. I love to collect pictures of people (mostly me I must admit) posing and doing something original. However, we should always think that there is an entire story behind that one particular pic. Just like this great article describes some fun photo prompts to loosen someone up.

Life’s pretty boring without photos. Whether it’s family photos, out with friends at that random party, or the night you got into the bar without ID. Here are some fun photo prompts that will loosen someone up for the camera.

If you’ve been thinking about helping someone loosen up or just simply want to loosen up yourself, below are some fun photo prompts that will help get the creative juices flowing and everyone laughing.

Here you go. A simple guide to help you loosen up, become more playful, and have fun snapping photos!

1. One person leads

Whether you do improv, photography, or just hanging out with your friends, everyone should be able to loosen up occasionally. The point of a photo session like this is to have fun and not worry about how the picture comes out afterward. Therefore, it can be a lot more effective when one person leads the pose.

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2. Booty bump

What’s your favorite walking pose? Mine is the booty bump pose. The butt bump is a simple move that’s guaranteed to make the other person giggle—and get you feeling closer and more connected. It’s so worth it!

Credits @madisunpaige

3. Buddy walk

My husband and I do a lot of “buddy walks” as part of our exercise routines. So I came up with this idea to use photographs for photo prompts. Below is the list of photos in the order that they should be taken, along with an example photo prompt to get you started.

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4. Drunk walk

I suggest you try this photo challenge at a bar, walking on a sidewalk and if you are at a park or in a scenic location, walking on a trail. If you are in good relationship with your girlfriend, boyfriend or spouse, it may work even better if you do this drunk with them.

Credits @madisunpaige

Video Illustration

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