Watch Out for The Following Before Trying/Switching Skincare Products!

Some key factors to consider when trying or switching brands of skin care products include value, ingredients, quality, and natural/organic products.

1. Value

  • According to a Mintle study, value is one of the top priorities for US women when selecting skincare products for their daily routines.
  • Consumers prefer simple to use products designed for convenience, enabling them have an on-the-go application experience.
  • According to the study, three in 10 female skincare users are willing to pay more for products with built-in applicators, containing multiple products, dual packaging (30%), and are refillable (29%).
  • Additionally, the consumers rank simple usage instructions (58%) and short ingredient lists (53%) as “the most important packaging features for female skincare users. This is especially true among older women as those aged 55+ are more likely than their younger counterparts to prioritize simple usage instructions (66% vs 46% of 18-34s) and short ingredient lists (58% vs 49% of 18-34s).”

2. Natural/Organic

  • The study also reveals that more than two in five skincare users are interested in skincare products that contain clay (42%t) or apple cider vinegar (41%).
  • A full 38% of female skincare consumers are also interested in probiotics as a skincare ingredient, reflected in the rise in the use of the probiotic Lactobacillus in skincare products in recent times, growing by 98% from 2013-17 in the US, according to Mintel Global New Products Database (GNPD).
  • According to Alison Gaither, Mintel’s beauty and personal care analyst, “the familiarity of food-based ingredients in skincare is appealing to consumers who want to understand what exactly is in the products they use; along with this we’re seeing the concept of natural beauty ingredients expand.”
  • Additionally, 44% of women perceive natural skincare products as gentler on the skin, 42% as safer. 26% as of higher quality, 20% as working better, and 11% as more luxurious.

3. Quality and Ingredients

  • Accoording to Statista, 38% percent of the women in the U.S. are interested in skin care products containing probiotic ingredients.
  • The likely reason for this is the fact that priobiotics are made to to balance the skin’s biome.
  • Additionally, 84% of respondents said they considered quality as one of the most important features when choosing makeup.

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