Will Eyelash Growth Serum Work on Eyebrows?

Eyelash growth serums were first introduced decades ago to help us women grow longer, thicker eyelashes.

These days, there are different eyelash growth serums on the market that people should know about.

But do eyelash growth serums help you grow thicker eyebrows? You’ll be surprised at what I found out!

Will eyelash growth serum work on eyebrows?

You can apply eyelash growth serum to your eyebrows as well as eyelashes. The serum contains a unique peptide complex that is well-known for promoting hair growth.

It’s often used to treat hair loss and thinning. However, lash growth serum also contains ingredients that promote cell regeneration and growth, which can help you achieve thicker, healthier brows in a matter of weeks.

The serum works best when combined with a healthy lifestyle. For example, you’ll have the best results if you avoid smoking, drinking alcohol and caffeine, and wearing makeup every day.

Make sure you’re getting enough sleep each night as well. But, again, these things can interfere with the effectiveness of the product.

How it works

Eyelash and eyebrow areas share the same blood supply. Therefore, a common reason that people lose their eyebrow hair is when they pluck or tweeze too much, which can cause permanent hair loss in this area.

The follicles in the eyebrows and eyelashes are also very similar in structure, so they react similarly to eyelash serum.

If you apply eyelash serum to your eyebrows, it will help them grow back faster and thicker.

Eyelash growth serum contains various ingredients that mimic estrogen hormones naturally produced by women.

Estrogen plays a crucial role in the regulation of hair growth, including eyelashes and eyebrows. This is why women with hormonal disorders often experience unexpected hair loss from their eyebrows and eyelashes.

In general, most eyelash serums work by lengthening the anagen phase of your hairs, which is the active growth phase before it goes into a dormant telogen phase after about four months.

If your eyelashes are currently in the telogen phase, applying an eyelash serum will not affect them.

What eyelash growth serum contains

Eyelash growth serums are very similar to eyebrow growth serums.

The essential ingredient in an eyelash serum is biotin, a B vitamin necessary for thick, healthy hair.

In pure form, biotin can cause rashes and redness on the skin if not used properly, so it is usually diluted with other ingredients. Biotin also comes from foods such as eggs and nuts.

  • L-Tyrosine; is an amino acid that stimulates the production of melanin, the brown pigment responsible for hair and eye color. It has been shown to improve the length and volume of eyelashes as well as eyebrow growth.
  • Lecithin; is a fatty substance that promotes cell regeneration and helps with cell communication.
  • Vitamin A; promotes hair growth and makes lashes appear thicker and shinier.
  • Vitamin C; improves blood flow to the scalp to promote healthy hair growth.
  • Biotin; strengthens hair by encouraging new cell formation.
  • Evening primrose oil; helps with the circulation of nutrients to promote healthier, stronger lashes.
  • Grape seed extract; prevents drying of the eyes and eyelids, which can help prevent lash loss.
  • Essential fatty acids; reduce inflammation in eyelids and increase circulation to help prevent lash loss.

Steps to choosing the best eyelash serum for your eyebrows

Eyelash serum is a safe and natural way to give your eyelashes and eyebrows a boost.

Like any other product, you want to look for a suitable serum for your specific needs.

Here are some things to consider when choosing the best eyelash growth serum:

1. Ingredients

If you’re using lash & brow serum, it should contain ingredients that will help stimulate growth, such as peptides and antioxidants.

2. Size

Choose a product that can be used within several months of application. You’ll want to use enough products to see results without going broke in the process.

3. Price

Eyelash growth serums range in price from under $10 up to $100+. The cost will depend on how much product you get in each bottle and the brand name you choose.

4. Brand reputation

Do a little research on the company that makes your preferred lash & brow serum before making a purchase decision. Look for reviews from others who have used the product and see what they say about it.

5. Reputation among professionals

Some brands of lash & brow serums are known among professionals as superior products compared with other similar brands.

6. Manufacturer’s claims

Be wary of manufacturers who claim their products can do more.

7. Know your options

There are two types of eyelash growth serums: chemical and natural.

Chemical eyelash growth serums contain minoxidil or prostaglandin, which could cause side effects like itching, burning, and irritation on the eyes.

They can also irritate the sensitive skin around the eyebrows.

Natural eyelash growth serums consist only of plant extracts and oils that stimulate hair follicles to grow, so they’re safer than chemical ones.

You should know that prostaglandin is only allowed for eyelash growth in some countries because of its side effects.

Eyelash growth serum reviews

I’ve been using the lash growth serum for about three weeks now. I’m trying to grow my eyelashes longer but also thicker. I also wanted to see if the same serum would work on eyebrows. The results are in…It does work. My eyelashes are longer and thicker. The serum is easy to use. Just put a few drops on your fingertips, then run the fingertips through your eyelashes/brows. It’s not messy at all. I use it every night before bedtime, and it’s very soothing to my eyes. I’m delighted with this product and will continue to use it until I achieve my desired results.

cindy Harrison

Eyebrows grow at different rates for each person. Some people will notice longer eyebrows after using eyelash growth serum for a few weeks, while others won’t see any noticeable changes at all. If you want to increase the length of your eyebrows with an eyelash growth serum, make sure you use it daily to give it time to work.

Anita Kerring

Benefits of Using Eyelash Growth Serum for Eyebrows

Eyelashes and eyebrows are the frames of your face, so they must look beautiful and healthy.

Eyelash growth serum is the best way to enhance your natural lashes and eyebrows without any side effects.

Below are some benefits of using eyelash growth serum for eyebrows:

1) They help promote hair growth

2) They prevent further hair loss

3) They aid in the formation of new hair follicles

4) They stimulate blood flow around the eyebrow area

5) They make existing eyebrow hairs thicker and longer

6) They improve overall eyebrow health

7) They eliminate patchy eyebrows by promoting even hair distribution over the brows

8) They make eyebrows appear fuller and better defined

9) They give you great looking eyebrows within

Final Thoughts

If you’re looking for a natural alternative to eyebrow growth serums filled with additives and preservatives, try an eyelash growth serum instead.

Many of the same ingredients—such as biotin, vitamin E, beeswax, peptides, and essential oils—are present in both formulas.

Just rub the serum into your eyebrows twice per day, and you should start seeing results within two months.

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